Hood College
Degree Program Change Request
The Registrar’s office will submit this completed form with student academic documents/records to the
program director of the new program for review. The final decision of acceptance or denial resides with
the program director. It is the student’s responsibility to review the guidelines for changing from one
degree program to another in the College Catalog.
F1 Student Visa holders are not eligible for program change. For questions, please contact the Primary
Designated School Officer (PDSO).
Name: Student ID#
Current Program:
New Program:
Concentration (if applicable):
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Credits completed in primary program: Primary program GPA:
Date sent to program director:
Accepted: NO YES
If yes:
Academic advisor:
Coursework, if any, to apply from first program to new program:
Initials/Date record updated:
Date decision sent to student:
Notify Accounting (if new program is different tuition cluster):
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