HONORS Program
Mary Rooney
Warner Hall 217
Cobleskill, NY 12043
Office: (518) 255-5562
Participants in the Honors Program complete an Honors Capstone Project (HONR 299 or HONR 499) in
their final semester (next-to-last semester for Bachelor of Technology students who do an internship.)
his is an independent study, three-credit “capstone” course it consolidates and builds upon previous
coursework in the major. The student works with the supervising professor to design and carry out an
independent project that involves some combination of reading, research, practicum, and writing. A
summary activity is required typically a presentation, although other formats such as paper,
performance, demonstration, etc. may be more suitable in individual cases. The transcript entry reads
“Honors Capstone Project.” Ordinarily this course substitutes for one required course in the student’s
major program. (This description is not meant to preclude alternate appropriate designs.)
tudent’s major_______________________________
Semester and year
(e.g. Spring 2013) ____________________________
escription of Project (over)
Description of Project: Please give a description of your proposed project. Description should make
clear that the project is of a depth, breadth, or complexity to warrant awarding three credits on an
honors basis. Note that this 3 credit project reflects 3 hours of student work per week in a 15 week
semester (a total of 45 hours of student work across the semester.)
E SPECIFIC in describing all activities in this contract. What activities are to be included in this project?
Include specific listing of all research thrusts, experimental tasks, readings, rehearsals, etc.
Please give a detailed description of the concluding activity of this capstone project. If it is a paper, be
specific in describing its approximate length and the scope and nature of the paper. Similarly, if it is a
demonstration or presentation, specifically describe all facets of preparation and outcome in the
__________________________________________ ___________________
Student’s signature date
__________________________________________ __________________
Professor’s signature date
Proposed course in-major for which Honors Capstone Project will substitute :_____________________
Note that process of substituting course requires completion and submission of Student Change of
Status Form with all necessary signatures. Contact Honors Program Director for details.