Honor Code Acknowledgement Form for Parents/Guardians
One of the central features of a Presbyterian College education is the commitment we ask each of our
students to make to uphold the highest standards of honor and integrity. We expect them to refrain from all
forms of cheating, dishonesty, and deception. We also expect them to hold one another to these same high
standards. This commitment to live honorably is essential to the College as a community of learning, for it
ensures the integrity of the academic work that we do and the value of the degrees that we award. At the
same time, to develop in students a strong sense of integrity is an essential part of our educational mission.
We ask that both students and parents or guardians read carefully the Honor Code so that you understand
what Presbyterian College expects from you.
The Honor Code
This agreement contains two parts: first, that we personally adopt the standards of conduct as stated in the
Honor Code; and second, that we deal responsibly with those of our peers who fail to do so. While honor is
much broader than any set of rules that may define its requirements, The Code states and explains the
specific expectations we have of all students.
Since 1915, our commitment to live honorably has been realized in our agreement to live under the Honor
Code of Presbyterian College.
Honor Code Violations
Lying is defined as any attempt to deceive, falsify, or misrepresent the truth.
Cheating is defined as the employment of or rendering of any unacknowledged or unallowed aid in any assigned work.
Plagiarism is defined as the presentation of the words or ideas of another person as one’s own.
Failure to enforce the Honor Code is defined as any act of omission that permits violations of the Honor Code to occur or
to go unreported.
(The Blue Book explains the Honor Code in its entirety and may be reviewed here)
Student Responsibilities
All students enrolling at Presbyterian College are responsible not only to abstain from lying, cheating, stealing, and plagiarism but
are also required to report such acts committed by fellow students. When events of a questionable nature occur, it is the
responsibility of each student to communicate that information promptly to the Honor Council. Determining whether or not a
violation of the Honor Code has occurred is the responsibility of the Honor Council. Failing to report such events amounts to the
toleration of dishonor in the community and is itself a violation of the Honor Code.
In addition, a student’s obligation to the Honor Code is not confined to the boundaries of the College campus but extends to
conduct in the larger community. All student conductwhether on or off campusshall be subject to the Honor Code.
The normal penalty for a first violation of the Honor Code is immediate suspension for one semester. The student will be ineligible
to earn academic credit for the equivalent of one full academic semester no matter when the violation took place. If the violation
involves cheating, lying, or plagiarism to gain academic advantage in a course, a grade of “F” will be imposed in that course and
withdrawals will be assigned in all other courses. The normal penalty for a second violation of the Honor Code is immediate and
permanent expulsion from the College.
The role of parents and guardians is very important to the success of students at Presbyterian College. This form is intended to
help both students and parents/guardians understand the importance of the Honor Code and the responsibility that they have in
helping to uphold it. For this reason, we ask that parents/guardians sign and return the acknowledgement at the end of this page.
Failure to return the signed form may prevent your student from being able to complete registration for the fall semester and/or
to pre-register for the spring semester.
We ask the support of parents/guardians in helping your student to uphold the system. Trusting the system and understanding
the consequences of violations only strengthen the system. We want students to have the best experience possible and enjoy
their time at Presbyterian College. We trust that the Honor Code will benefit them long after graduation.
Acknowledgement by Parents/Guardians of the Presbyterian College Honor Code
I/we have read and understand this form. I/we acknowledge that I can review The Blue Book and will contact the
Office of the Provost or the Vice President for Student Life with any questions. I/we acknowledge the responsibilities
of my/our student under the Honor Code as he/she attends Presbyterian College. Further I understand that this form
must be on file in the Office of the Provost before the start of the fall semester and that failure to return the signed
form may prevent my student from completing his/her registration for the upcoming semester at Presbyterian
Name of Student: _________________________________________ PC ID# __________________________
Name of Parent(s)/Guardian(s): ______________________________________ Date ____________
Signature of Parent(s)/Guardian(s): ______________________________________ Date ____________
Please sign and return this form to the Office of Admission via
email (admissions@presby.edu) or through the Student Portal.