請填寫你的個人資料 Please fill in your personal particulars
(注意 姓名、出生日期及香港身份證號碼須與香港身份證上資料相同)
Name, date of birth and Hong Kong Identity Card (HKID) number must be the same as those which appear on your HKID)
由香港郵政填寫 For use by Hongkong Post only
密碼信封參考編號 PIN Envelope No.:
香港身份證號碼 HKID Number
英文姓名 Name in English
先生 Mr
女士 Ms
中文姓名 Name in Chinese
e-mail address to be included in your e-Cert (Recommended)
Please see Note
聯絡電話 Contact Phone Number
(此電郵地址不會載入電子證書內 This e-mail address will not be included in the e-Cert)
本地郵遞地址 (建議以英文填寫) Local Postal Address (in ENGLISH)
以下選項只適用於2019 2 1 日至2019 3 31 日期間的電子證書申請:
The following option is only applicable for e-Cert applications in the period from 1 February 2019 to 31 March 2019:
Room Floor Block 大廈 Building
屋苑 / 街道及門牌 Estate / Street and No.
地區 District 香港 HK 九龍
新界 NT
申請人聲明Declaration by the Applicant
(1) 本人在此申請表上提供的資料全屬真確,並同意此等資料是用作取代本人之前為申請發出同一電子證書而提供的資料(如有)
(2) 本人同意遵守《登記人條款及條件》及《核證作業準則》(已於香港郵政網頁 http://www.eCert.gov.hk 公布)所載各項規條及同意香港郵政為處理這宗申請再向本
(3) 如申請獲接納,本人明確同意並願意由香港郵政代本人製作密碼匙及將本人的個人資料(包括英文姓名、已加密的身份證號碼及電郵地址)列載於電子證書上;並將電
(4) 本人知悉證書一經發出後,其內容在證書有效期內均不能更改。
I, the undersigned, declare that :
(1) The above information provided by me in this application is true and accurate in all aspects and that it is to supersede the information provided on my prior application (if any) regarding
the issuance of an e-Cert;
(2) I agree to be bound by the Subscriber Terms and Conditions as well as the provisions of the Certification Practice Statement published on Hongkong Post’s web site at
http://www.eCert.gov.hk, and consent to Hongkong Post making further enquiry of me necessary for the processing of this application;
(3) I expressly agree and consent to Hongkong Post’s generation of my key pair on my behalf and inclusion of my personal data (including English name, encrypted HKID no. and e-mail
address) in the e-Cert if my application is successful, and the e-Cert will be published in the Hongkong Post public repository;
(4) I acknowledge that once the e-Cert is issued, none of the contents of the e-Cert can be changed throughout the validity period of the e-Cert.
隱)條例,你有權獲得及更改個人資料,包括獲得一份此表格上填報資料的副本。如需查閱或更改資料,請填妥 《查閱資料要求表格》(Pos736)或《改正個人資料要求表
格》,然後交回任何一間郵政局或寄交香港郵政個人資料私隱主任。《查閱資料要求表格》和 《改正個人資料要求表格》亦可於各郵政局索取。
The personal data you provided in this form will be used by Hongkong Post and its operator of e-Cert services for provision of e-Cert services to you. Information we collected about you
will not be disclosed by us to any other party in a form that would identify you unless it is permitted or authorised by law. It is voluntary for you to supply to us your personal data. Failure
to provide related data may affect the processing of your application. You have a right of access and correction with respect to personal data under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance.
Your right of access includes the right to obtain a copy of your personal data provided in this form. If you wish to do so, please complete the Data Access Request Form (Pos736) or Personal
Data Correction Request Form and return it to any post office or send it to our Personal Data Privacy Officer by e-mail or by post. The Data Access Request Form and Personal Data
Correction Request Form are also available at all post offices.
/ /
(Day) (Month) (Year)
Application Form for e-Cert (Personal) Certificate
Surname Given Name
( )
供聯絡用的電郵地址 (建議填寫) e-mail address for contact purpose (Recommended)
與電子證書電郵地址相同 Same as the e-Cert e-mail address
接受申請表職員簽署 Accepting Officer’s signature
日期 Date
郵政局郵戳 Post Office Datestamp
以下各欄由香港郵政填寫For use by Hongkong Post only
首年登記費 - $50
First-year Subscription Fee - $50
/ /
(Day) (Month) (Year)
出生日期 Date of Birth
請參閱附註(i) Please see Note (i)
(例如 e.g.31/03/1969 )
New 新申請
CPos 798A (02/2019)
電子證書會儲存於電子證書檔案USB內並以郵遞方式寄到下述地址 The e-Cert will be loaded onto e-Cert File USB which will be delivered to the address below.
e-Cert will be used in (1) Government Electronic Trading Services (including TDEC, EMAN, DCP and CO), or (2) E-Service for Strategic Commodities Licensing (E-SC).
申請人簽署 Signature of Applicant
所需費用 Payment
遞交申請日期 20192月內 20193月或以後
Submission Date within Feb. 2019 Mar. 2019 or later
First-year Subscription Fee
HK$50 HK$50
電子證書檔案USB e-Cert File USB HK$0* HK$40
總計TOTAL HK$50 HK$90
申請日期 Date of Application
/ /
(Day) (Month) (Year)
* 香港郵政核證機關將由201921日起停止使用電子證書檔案卡作為預設的電子證書儲存媒體,電子證書檔案USB將為預設的電子證書儲存媒體。為利便過渡,於2019
* HKPCA will cease use of e-Cert File Card as the default e-Cert storage medium with effective from 1 February 2019. e-Cert File USB will be the default storage medium. To facilitate
transition, HKPCA will waive the charges for the e-Cert File USB for new applications submitted in February 2019, and renewal application that with an expiry date in February / March
2019 and submitted in February 2019.
已核實申請人的身分Applicant’s HKID & identity checked
已核對申請表上的資料Application form data checked
申請人已簽妥申請表Application form signed by the applicant
PIN Envelope delivered & recorded on the form
已發出收據(如適用) Receipt issued (if applicable)
(iv) 電子證書的有效期由其製作日期起計。
The e-Cert validity period will start on the date the e-Cert is generated.
(iii) 申請人須親身前往任何一間郵政局,遞交申請表及登記費用;並同時進行當面確認身分的手續。
The Subscriber is required to submit the application form and subscription fees IN PERSON at any post office where a face-to-face authentication of the Subscriber’s identity will be conducted.
聯絡我們 : 電話 : 電郵 : 傳真 : 郵遞 : 東九龍郵政局信箱68777號香港郵政核證機關
Contact us : Tel : Email : Fax : Mail :
Hongkong Post Certification Authority, Kowloon East Post Office Box No. 68777
網址 :
Web :
2921 6633 enquiry@eCert.gov.hk 2775 9130
CPos 798A (02/2019)
附註 Note
(i) 如申請人未滿18歲,其獲發出的電子證書上會展示 “e-Cert (Personal/Minor)” 字眼,表明該電子證書的持有人於獲發出該證書時為未成年人士。
If the applicant is under the age of 18, the e-Cert issued to him/her will display the words “e-Cert (Personal/Minor)” to indicate that he/she is a minor at the time the e-Cert is issued.
(ii) 你可選擇不在電子證書內載入任何電郵地址。如你的電郵地址戶口支援依據S/MIME標準為電郵加上數碼簽署及加密,你可選擇在你的電子證書內載入該電郵地址,以使用此等數碼簽署及加密功能。詳
You may choose not to include any e-mail address in your e-Cert. If your e-mail address account supports S/MIME-based digital signing and encryption of e-mail, you may choose to include that e-mail address in your
e-Cert for signing and encrypting S/MIME-based e-mail. Please check with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for details.
Subscriber Terms and Conditions of
e-Cert (Personal) Certificate
Important : Read Carefully
The Hong Kong Post Office (“HKPost”) as represented by the Postmaster General and the
Applicant of Hongkong Post e-Cert (“e-Cert(s)”), intending to be legally bound, hereby agree as
1. The Certification Practice Statement (“CPS”) governs the issuance of e-Certs and certification
services provided by HKPost. The CPS is publicly accessible at the HKPost website at
2. By submitting the e-Cert Application Form, the Applicant confirms to have read and
understood these Terms and Conditions and have full notice of the obligations and liabilities of
the Subscribers and Relying Parties as set out in the CPS.
3. These Terms and Conditions, together with the CPS, constitute the entire Subscriber Agreement
referred to in the CPS between HKPost and the Applicant, and supersede all prior or contempo-
raneous agreements or understanding between HKPost and the Applicant regarding the
issuance of e-Certs.
4. A Subscriber is an Applicant who: (i) is named or identified in the e-Cert as the person to whom
the e-Cert is issued; (ii) has accepted that e-Cert; and (iii) holds a Private Key which
corresponds to a Public Key listed in that e-Cert.
5. By submission of the e-Cert Application Form and its receipt by HKPost, the Applicant:
a) agrees to pay HKPost the appropriate fee in respect of the issuance of the e-Cert unless such
fee has been waived by HKPost in writing;
b) agrees to be bound by (i) these Terms and Conditions; and (ii) the provisions of the CPS;
c) agrees that the use of the Private Key and the e-Cert is at the sole risk of the Subscriber;
d) agrees that HKPost does not give any implied or express warranties in relation to the Private
Key and the e-Cert issued by HKPost;
e) acknowledges that if he/she does not discharge his/her responsibilities as set out in these
Terms and Conditions and the CPS properly or at all, he/she may become liable to pay
HKPost and/or other persons (including Relying Parties) damages in respect of liabilities or
loss and damage they may incur or suffer in consequence;
f) undertakes to protect the confidentiality and the integrity of his/her Private Key by using
reasonable precautions to prevent its loss, disclosure, or unauthorised use;
g) undertakes to report any loss or compromise of his/her Private Key immediately upon
discovery of the loss or compromise and/or of any circumstance in which the e-Cert should
be revoked;
h) agrees to be forfeited the use of any Private Key embedded on his/her Hong Kong Identity
Card (“HKID”) in case his/her HKID is seized by the Immigration Department or other law
enforcement agencies under the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the
People’s Republic of China (“HKSAR”), and that HKPost and the Government of the
HKSAR shall be under no liability to him/her in respect of any such event;
i) authorises the publication of the e-Cert to any other person or in the HKPost repository and
accepts the e-Cert to be issued;
j) agrees that the Postmaster General may limit his/her liability and/or that of HKPost for
negligence and/or breach of contract as set out in the CPS, these Terms and Conditions,
and/or the Private Key and/or the e-Cert issued by HKPost; and
k) agrees that the Postmaster General may further appoint either agents or sub-contractors to
perform his/her obligations under the CPS and/or these Terms and Conditions.
6. The Applicant, and as the Subscriber upon acceptance of the e-Cert issued to him/her, warrants
(promises) to HKPost and represents to all other relevant parties (and in particular Relying
Parties) that during the operational period of the e-Cert the following facts are and will remain
a) no other person has had access to his/her Private Key;
all information and representations made by him/her that are included in the e-Cert are true; and
c) the Private Key and e-Cert are used exclusively for authorised and legal purposes, and in a
manner that will not infringe any third party rights.
7. In accordance with the CPS, HKPost is responsible for the use of a trustworthy system to:
a) issue and publish e-Cert(s) in a timely manner;
b) notify an Applicant of the rejection of his/her application;
notify an Applicant of the approval of his/her application and how his/her e-Cert can be retrieved;
d) revoke an e-Cert and publish Certificate Revocation Lists in a timely manner; and
e) notify a Subscriber of the revocation of his/her e-Cert.
8. The Subscriber undertakes to pay HKPost a Subscription Fee for each subscription period as
specified in the CPS. The Subscription Fee shall be paid before the commencement of each
subscription period unless being waived by HKPost in writing. HKPost reserves its absolute
right to review and determine the Subscription Fee from time to time and will publish the
Subscription Fee via the HKPost website at http://www.eCert.gov.hk for the information of the
Subscribers and the public.
9. If any terms, or any part of any terms, of these Terms and Conditions are found by any court to
be illegal, void or unenforceable, they shall be severed and deleted, but this shall not affect the
validity and enforceability of the remaining terms, or remaining part of any terms, of these
Terms and Conditions.
10. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of
HKSAR. The parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of HKSAR.
11. The submission of the e-Cert Application Form and its receipt by HKPost do not guarantee
approval of the application. If the application is rejected, the Applicant will be notified of the
rejection. If the application is approved, the Applicant shall be bound by these Terms and
Conditions as well as the provisions of the CPS.
1. 《核證作業準則》(《準則》)規管香港郵政簽發電子證書及提供核證服務事宜。
準則》載於香港郵政網頁(網址:http://www.eCert.gov.hk ),供公眾人士查閱。
3. 本條款及條件連同《準則》構成《準則》所提述香港郵政與申請人訂立的整份《登記人
4. “登記人指符合以下說明的申請人: (i) 電子證書指名或識別為獲發給該電子證書的申請
人; (ii) 已接受該電子證書的申請人;及 (iii) 持有與該電子證書內所列的公開密碼匙對應
5. 申請人遞交電子證書申請表格並由香港郵政收妥,即:
b) 同意受 (i) 本條款及條件及 (ii)《準則》條文的約束;
c) 同意有關使用私人密碼匙及電子證書的風險全由登記人承擔;
e) 承諾如未有妥善履行或不曾履行本條款及條件以及《準則》內列明的責任,則或須就
f) 承諾採取合理預防措施,保護其私人密碼匙的機密性(即予以保密)及完整性,以免
g) 承諾一旦發現私人密碼匙有任何丟失或外泄,以及/或出現電子證書應予撤銷的情況
h) 同意倘其香港身份證遭入境事務處或其他執法機關根據中華人民共和國香港特別行政
i) 批准將電子證書向任何其他人公布或在香港郵政儲存庫內公布,並接受將予發出的電
j) 同意香港郵政署長可局限他/她及/或香港郵政因疏忽及/或違反《準則》、本條款
k) 同意香港郵政署長可以指定其他代理人或分包商履行其在《準則》及/或本條款及條
6. 申請人(並於接受向其簽發的電子證書時成為登記人),向香港郵政保證(承諾)並向
a) 任何其他人均不能取用其私人密碼匙;
b) 電子證書內由其提供的一切資料及作出的申述均為屬實;以及
c) 私人密碼匙及電子證書只用作經授權及合法的用途,而使用方式不會侵犯任何第三者
7. 根據《準則》,香港郵政有責任使用可靠的系統以:
a) 及時發出及公布電子證書;
b) 通知申請人其申請被拒;
c) 通知申請人其申請獲批及如何提取其電子證書;
d) 撤銷電子證書並及時公布“電子證書撤銷清單”;以及
e) 通知登記人其電子證書被撤銷。
8. 登記人承諾向香港郵政支付《準則》所指明的每個登記使用期的登記費用。登記費用須
時檢討及釐定登記費用,並於香港郵政網頁(網址http://www.eCert.gov.hk 公布,
10. 本條款及條件受香港特區法律管限,並按香港特區法律詮釋。協議各方同意接受香港特
11. 香港郵政收到申請人遞交的電子證書申請表格,並不保證申請會被批准。如申請被拒,
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