Homeless Tuition Fee Exemption
Student Instructions
To complete the exemption application process you are required to:
1. Apply for Admissions.
2. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
3. Register for classes during the term you are applying for the Homeless Fee
Exemption Waiver. It is strongly suggested that you meet with an
Academic Advisor to plan a course of study.
4. Complete the Homeless Fee Exemption Eligibility Questionnaire.
5. Bring original documentation on letterhead for proof of homelessness as
defined by Florida Statute F.S. 1009.25 (1)(f) from a publicly or privately
operated homeless shelter, school district homeless liaison, food/clothing
bank, transitional ministry, eviction notice issued by the court, letter from
a mental health professional or social worker who has witnessed your
homeless status, etc. The letter must include contact information and the
date for which services began. If you are not receiving assistance from a
publicly or privately operated shelter, etc., then the designated campus
advisor or representative from the PBSC Student Counseling Center will
interview you.
6. The campus Registrar will receive and retain all original applications and
supporting documentation, review the package and make a determination
as to eligibility.
7. If you fully withdraw from ALL classes in any term in which the Homeless
Tuition Fee Exemption has been awarded, you will not be eligible for future
Homeless Tuition Fee Exemptions.
8. You are required to recertify your homeless status every semester through
the campus Registrar’s office.
Homeless Tuition Fee Exemption
Persons who meet the following definition of homeless status are exempt from the
payment of tuition and fees, including lab fees, at a school district that provides
postsecondary career programs, community colleges or state universities, as per the
Florida 2018 Statute F.S. 1009.25 (1)(f).
A student who lacks a fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence or
whose primary nighttime residence is a public or private shelter designed to
provide temporary residence, a public or private transitional living
program, or a public or private place not designed for, or ordinarily used as,
a regular sleeping accommodation for human beings. This includes a student
who would otherwise meet the requirements of this paragraph, as determined
by a college or university.
I am a: New student
Current student Returning student
certify that I meet the above listed definition of a homeless person and I request a
fee exemption for term:
Fall______ Spring______ Summer______ Year: 20________
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