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Instructions for Home Use
HearBuilder Online is a software program that provides systematic instruction in basic concepts, following
directions, phonological awareness, sequencing, and auditory memory. Students receive their own login and can
use the program at school and at home.
We would like your child to continue using HearBuilder Online at home for _____ days a week for _____ minutes
per day. Here’s how!
1. Log In
Go to my.hearbuilder.com/student
Enter your user name, password, and Login code.
• Click Login.
2. Play
• Click Play under ________________________________________________________________.
The program will automatically start where your child ended his/her last session.
HearBuilder Online
is a portal login. That means it is not accessible through search engines such as
, Bing
, or Yahoo
. Please save the following link my.hearbuilder.com/student as a bookmark or
favorite on your computer to easily access it every time.
Make sure your computer or tablet is connected to the internet or Wi-Fi.
HearBuilder Online
is compatible
with any Windows
, Macintosh or Chromebook
operating system as long as the computer has a
broadband high-speed internet connection or Wi-Fi.
HearBuilder Online
is also compatible with WebGL (HTML5) browsers such as: Microsoft Edge, Safari
, and Google Chrome
If you experience a blank page after clicking Play, make sure JavaScript is enabled within your web
browser’s settings.
If you’re still having trouble, call HearBuilder Online Support at 1-855-735-0862, available Monday through
Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET.
User Name: ______________________________
Password: _______________________________
Login Code: _____________________________
There’s also an app! (It’s free!)
If you would like your child to play HearBuilder Online on an iPad
, first download any of the
four free apps from the iTunes
store. If using an Android
tablet, download each free app from
Play or the Amazon
Appstore. Your child will need to open the app for the program
he/she needs to play and enter the user name, password, and login code. The apps require a
WiFi internet connection.
(Please note areas are not case sensitive.)