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Home Schooling Registration Form
2020–2021 School Year
Student Information
Surname: Given name(s):
Grade: Date of birth:
Gender: Male Female X (Non-binary or another gender identity)
Street address/PO box:
City/Town: Postal code:
Most Recent Public/Private School Experience
Date last attended: Grade: School:
Is this student currently registered for home schooling in Nova Scotia? yes no
If no, has the student been previously registered? yes no If yes, which year(s)?
Do you have other children who are or have been registered for home schooling in Nova Scotia? yes no
If yes, please give their names:
Parent/Guardian Information
Phone number(s): (home) (work)
Mailing address (if different from above):
E-mail address(es):
Parent/Guardian Declaration
I certify that I have familiarized myself with sections 83–84 of the Education Act and sections 31–34 of the Governor in
Council Education Act Regulations (available at, which
outline the responsibilities associated with home schooling in Nova Scotia.
I therefore declare to the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development my intention to home school my
child as stated in this form.
Parent/guardian signature: Date:
Your privacy is important to us. For details on how we protect your information, please visit
For Department Use Only
Regional Education Ocer signature: Date:
Regional Centre for Education: USI:
Education and
Early Childhood Development
Regional Education Services, Department of Education and Early Childhood Development
2021 Brunswick Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3K 2Y5
Phone: 902-424-7616 Toll Free: 1-866-873-1722 Fax: 902-428-3187
Website: E-mail:
dd mm yyyy
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Registration Checklist
To avoid delays, please
complete a separate form for each student
include a copy of the birth certicate for children who are:
a) entering grade primary (children must be ve-years-of-age on or before December 31 for grade primary)
b) new to the provincial education system
ensure program information is complete
sign and date the “Parent/Guardian Declaration” on page 1 of this form
if applicable, attach a signed and dated “Correspondence Study Program Enrollment Form” for approval by
the Regional Education Ocer
submit your application by mail, e-mail, or fax:
mail: Regional Education Services
Department of Education and Early Childhood Development
2021 Brunswick Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3K 2Y5
fax: 902-428-3187
Note: A progress report must be submitted to Regional Education Services (by mail, e-mail, or fax) at the end of June.
The Program Your Child Will Follow
Please choose from options (a), (b), or (c) below and complete the “Description of Program” on pages 3 and 4.
(a) Is the program commercially available? yes no
If yes, please ll in the title, level, and publisher of the program below.
(b) Will the program be based on the Nova Scotia Learning Outcomes Framework? yes no
(c) Will the program you provide be developed by you? yes no
Correspondence Studies
Will the student be registering for Nova Scotia correspondence courses (available for grades 10–12)? yes no
If yes, please list course(s) and grade(s) in the box below. If the student is under 16 years of age, a completed copy of
the Correspondence Study Program Enrollment Form must be attached to this registration form for approval.
Note: Correspondence Study Program courses and prices can be found at: The enrollment
form can be found at:
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Description of 2020–21 Program
When completing the description for each subject, you may wish to consider
topics to be covered
skills your child is expected to learn by the end of the program
resources and activities to be used to teach your child
If additional space is needed, please use the “Other Programs/Activities” box on the next page or attach a separate document.
French Programs: If your program includes Core French (grades 4–12, for students educated in English) please include
the course description in the “Other Programs/Activities” section on page 4.
Student name: Grade:
English Language Arts
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Social Studies
Other Programs/Activities
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