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Custom Housebuilding
Register Application Form
Individual Households
Please complete this application form for entry onto Wandsworth’s
register. All questions MUST be completed (where applicable)
to allow your application to proceed.
If you need any help filling in the form, please:
• phone us on (020) 8871 6161;
• email us at housesales@wandsworth.gov.uk; or
• visit our website at www.wandsworth.gov.uk/homeownership
Return the completed form to:
Home Ownership Team
Housing and Regeneration Department
Wandsworth Council
Town Hall
Wandsworth High Street
SW18 2PU
or housesales@wandsworth.gov.uk
Wandsworth Council
Individual Households: Resident Self and Custom Housebuilding
Application Form
Eligibility for the register
To be eligible for Part 1 of the register you must:
Be aged 18 or older
Be a British citizen, a national of a EEA State other than the United Kingdom, or a
national of Switzerland
Be seeking (either alone or with others) to acquire a serviced plot of land in the borough
of Wandsworth to build a house to occupy as your sole or main residence
Currently live and have continuously lived within the Borough of Wandsworth for the past
two years from the date of your application (this is our 'local connection test', if you are
in the service of the regular armed forces or have served in the armed forces within the
last two years from the date of your application, you will be deemed to have satisfied the
‘local connection test’)
Have access to a minimum of £350,000 (either in savings or through private finance or
mortgage in principle)
Should you meet all the above criteria, with the exception of our ‘local connection
test’ you will be entered onto Part 2 of the register.
Should you meet all the above criteria, including our ‘local connection test’, you will
be entered onto part I of the register, subject to payment of fee as detailed below.
Next Steps
Once we have received your application form we will:
A. Assess the validity of your application form within 28 days of receiving it;
B. If the application is eligible, we will send you a registration letter within 28 days of
assessing your application form which should be sent back to the council within 28 days
from the date of the registration letter;
C. If the application is not eligible, we will write to you explaining the reasons why within
28 days of assessing the application.
Please note that the Register will not be made public, although the Council may report on
data in an anonymised fashion.
Any person with an entry on the Register may seek its removal or amendment by submitting
a request in writing.
For further information on how we will protect your right to privacy whilst being on this
register, please see our GDPR / Data Protection Statement on our resident Self Build Page at:
Section 1 Lead applicant details
The main person applying must fill in this section.
1 Title Mr Mrs Miss Ms Other
2 Sex Male Female
3 First name or names
4 Last name
5 Previous last name (if this applies)
6 Nationality
7 Address and postcode
8 Date of birth
9 National Insurance number
10 Contact details Home phone no.
Work phone no.
Mobile phone no.
Email address
11 Would you consider building a home/development with a group/association
of people? Yes No
Section 2 About the home you currently live in
12 What is your current tenancy status?
A Wandsworth Council tenant
Renting privately / living with family or friends
A housing-association tenant
Renting from your employer
A current or previous homeowner
Temporary accommodation
Section 3 Dependants
13 What dependants will be living with you?
Name Relationship to you DOB M/F
Section 4 Your financial information
Your household savings
14 Please confirm the total amount of savings you hold in your name.
If you are applying as a household, please put the savings for
the household. £
Your income each year
15 Give your gross income each year (in other words, before tax but not
including bonuses or paid overtime). If you are self-employed,
Total each year
give your net annual profit (after deductions). £
Section 5 Self and custom build household details
16 What type of property are you looking for:
Detached house Semi-detached house Terraced house
Flat or Apartment Any of the above
Other (please specify)
17 How many bedrooms are you looking for?
18 Which area(s) of the Borough would you like to build in?
19 When would you be looking to commence the build?
Within 6 months Within 1 year Within 2 years
Within 3 years After 3 years
20 Did you originally express an interest in Resident Self-Build and Custom Housebuilding
Wandsworth via the Local Self Build Register website? Yes No
If so, when did you apply. Date
Section 6 Local eligibility criteria
I meet the local connection criteria: living continuously within Wandsworth Borough
for 2 years prior to application.
I am in the service of the regular armed forces or have served in the armed forces
within the last two years from the date of my application
I have the financial resources to support the purchase of land for self-build or custom
I can confirm that I am seeking to acquire a serviced plot of land in Wandsworth
Borough for self-build or custom housebuilding as my sole/primary residence.
Please tick the boxes above to confirm that you pass the local eligibility criteria and
ensure that you provide evidence when sending back the application form. Details of
evidence can be found at the end of the application form. Failure to provide this
information will result in the application being refused.
Please note that entry on the register will not guarantee that a suitable plot will be
identified or be made available for you. Subsequent applications for self-build and
custom build projects will require planning permission and will be assessed in line with
the council’s planning policies and guidance.
Please provide the following documents.
The lead applicant must provide:
Proof of identity, such as a copy of your passport or photo driving license.
Copies of two household bills (e.g. bank statement, payslips or utility bill)
- One which dates back 2 years from date of application
- One recent bill (less than 3 months old).
Proof of service within the armed forces either currently or within the last two years
from the date of application. This can take the form of a letter from your commanding
Evidence that you have access to a minimum of £350,000 (e.g. bank statement,
evidence of annual salary, mortgage promise, keyfacts document OR letter from
financial accredited advisor).
Further information relating to Wandsworth’s Resident Self Build Scheme can be obtained
by visiting: www.wandsworth.gov.uk/resident_self_build
If you have questions about this application form or if you need it in a different format
(for example, large print) please contact us on:
(020) 8871 6161
Section 7 Signatures
This authority is under a duty to protect the public funds it administers, and to this end
may use the information you have provided on this form for the prevention and detection
of fraud. It may also share this information with other bodies responsible for auditing or
administering funds for these purposes.
It is a criminal offence to knowingly or without care make a false declaration or withhold
information that is reasonably needed in connection with my application.
Declaration: I have read the above and confirm that I have provided accurate and up-to-
date information relating to my application. I understand that if you find that I have
given false information to get housing, you may take appropriate legal action against me
and the registered social landlord or local authority will apply to repossess the property.
If you wish to be withdrawn at any point from the self build register, we will need a
request in writing which we will endeavour to process within 28 days.
Lead applicant signature Date
Print your name
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If you have questions about this application
form or if you need it in a different format
(for example, large print) please phone
(020) 8871 6161
Further information relating to Wandsworth’s
Resident Self Build Scheme can be obtained
by visiting:
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