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Area of Home Occupation
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Active business permit
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City of Branson
Home Occupation Registration Application Worksheet
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Business Name __________________________________________________________________________________
Type of Business: ________________________________________________________________________________
Describe Business Activity: ________________________________________________________________________
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1. Number of residents involved in the business: _______ (3 maximum)
2. Number of employees/partners residing elsewhere: _______ (prohibited in engaging in business at residence)
3. Will customers come to the residence to obtain your services or products? No Yes - prohibited
4. Size of residence/home: __________ sq. ft. Area to be used for business: __________ sq. ft.
5. Will an area be used exclusively for storage? No Yes: # of _______ cubic feet. (outside storage prohibited)
6. Will the residence have a sign advertising the home occupation? No Yes (see limitations below)
All home occupations shall comply with the following performance standards and limitations:
Employees: No person other than an occupant of the residence shall be engaged in the home occupation at the residence, or
shall visit the residence on a regular basis. No more than three occupants at a residence shall be engaged in home occupations.
Space and location: The maximum area used for the home occupation shall not be greater than 25 percent of the
living area of the residence; 500 square feet, including storage areas; or two rooms.
Storage: The total area used exclusively for storage shall be no larger than 150 cubic feet. Outside storage in
conjunction with a home occupation shall be prohibited.
Alterations: No alterations of the residential appearance of the property for business purposes, such as the creation of a
separate entrance, shall be permitted.
Equipment: The installation, storage or use of any equipment or machinery not normally found in a household or general office
shall be prohibited.
Sales and display: Direct, on-site sales, retail or wholesale, and the display of goods or products on the premises shall be
Nuisances: The creation of noise, odors, vibrations, glare, fumes or electrical interference which is detectable to normal sensory
perception outside the structure shall be prohibited.
Deliveries: No deliveries related to the conduct of the home occupation shall be permitted by vehicles of more than two axles.
Traffic: Home occupations shall not involve the regular visits of clients, other employees, or any other persons to the residence
due to the conduct of the home occupation.
Advertising/signs: Home occupations are permitted one on-premises wall sign for each side of the home that faces a public
street. The sign shall be no more than three square feet, and shall not be illuminated.
Vehicles: Vehicles supporting the home business must be parked in the driveway and not on the street. This includes vehicles
such as taxi cabs, day care vans, catering trucks or locksmith trucks.
Performance Standards and Limitations
Standards of O
Business Information
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