Section 3 – Borrower / Guarantor details
Home Loan
Maintenance Request
Borrower 1 / Guarantor 1
Section 2 – Criteria for form use (Must be completed)
Does any situation apply?
Is the borrower wanting to increase the loan limit amount and/or the loan term?
Yes No
Is the borrower making changes to a loan during the construction period?
Yes No
Is the borrower requesting to move onto, or extend an Interest Only period? (Excludes Interest in Advance)
Yes No
If any of the above is “Yes”, do not proceed with this form. A full application and assessment is required.
Normal credit assessment criteria applies.
Bankwest, a division of Commonwealth Bank of Australia
ABN 48 123 123 124 AFSL/Australian credit licence 234945
Section 1 – Request details (Please complete the appropriate sections)
Amendment Type Complete Sections Additional documents/actions required
Product Change
2, 3, 6 and 9
Limit restructure / reduction Reduction requires customer signed letter
Loan purpose change Home Loan Purpose Amendment Form
Pricing / LVR change N/A
Combine 2, 3, 7 and 9 N/A
Splits 2, 3, 8 and 9 N/A
Important Information:
Please print neatly in black pen and BLOCK LETTERS.
Incomplete instructions, incorrect signatures or failing to return this completed form may delay your request from being completed
Please send the signed and completed form to:
Return to your Relationship Manager or Broker
Repayments are to continue while product(s) are being changed
When transferring home loans to a new product any remaining interest only term does not transfer.
A Pricing request must be completed for all deals. The request will be stopped if one has not been submitted and nalised.
For existing interest only loans, any new interest only period must be equal to or less than any existing interest only period.
Full Name
Residential address
Suburb State Postcode
Please mail all documents to Borrower / Guarantor 1 address for Borrower / Guarantor 2 - 4
Postal address Postal address same as residential address
Suburb State Postcode
Borrower / Guarantor 2
Full Name
Residential address
Suburb State Postcode
Postal address Postal address same as residential address
Suburb State Postcode
Broker/Lender nameDate
Bankwest Application numberBK Code /BB Number
Pricing Request Number
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Fixed rate loans
This is a housing loan where the annual percentage rate (interest rate) is xed over a set period, and so are your repayments.
This period may be for your full loan term or just a part of it. If variable interest rates fall, your rate will remain xed, so you won’t enjoy the lower
borrowing costs available to customers paying variable rates.
Break costs
You may have to pay a xed rate break cost and a xed rate break administration fee which can be a result of:
Transferring to another product, including another xed rate term
Partially prepaying my loan; or
Repaying my loan in full
Prior to the end of the xed rate period.
The xed rate break cost could range from zero to many thousands of dollars. The amount can also vary daily by many
thousands of dollars due to market uctuations and cannot be quoted until the date the xed rate term is broken. You can request an
estimate of xed rate break costs by contacting the bank directly.
Making extra repayments
You’ll be restricted in your ability to make extra repayments (including lump sum payments). If you do make repayments that are above the
required minimum repayment amount during your xed period, you may need to pay an excess repayment fee.
Variable rate loans
This is a housing loan where the interest rate varies to reect market conditions. You’ll pay less if the interest rate falls and more if it rises, as your
repayments will change accordingly.
Principal & interest repayments
If you choose to make principal and interest repayments, you’ll be paying down both the loan amount (the principal) and the interest over your
loan term. Repayments are generally calculated monthly.
Interest in advance loans
This is a xed rate product available only for residential investment purposes. You’ll need to pay your interest for the year in an upfront payment.
If your loan term is longer than 12 months, you need to make sure you have the required funds to make the repayment each year.
Interest only
An interest only loan means that you are only required to pay the interest each month and are not required to pay any part of the principal until
the end of the term. If you just pay the interest o your loan, you will not be reducing your loan amount (i.e. the principal) and may therefore pay
more overall compared to a principal and interest loan.
Section 3 – Customer details (continued)
I/We understand that fees and charges, such as a Home Loan Transfer fee, may apply for the Home Loan Maintenance request and
that any applicable fees and charges will be deducted from my/our Home Loan relating to the request.
I/We will ensure the amount to cover any fees and charges will be in my/our loan account when the product is transferred.
Note: Charges may include, but are not limited to, items such as Accrued Interest.
Accrued interest: is interest that you have accumulated on the loan but not yet paid. Interest accrues daily from the previous
interest raising date and is based on your loans debit balance and interest rate. Any loan being closed needs the accrued interest
paid as well as the debit owing balance.
Please be aware that the Complete Home Loan Package fee can only be raised to a Complete Package Home Loan.
A Home Loan Transfer fee is not applicable when moving onto the Complete Home Loan Package.
Borrower / Guarantor 3
Full Name
Residential address
Suburb State Postcode
Postal address Postal address same as residential address
Suburb State Postcode
Borrower / Guarantor 4
Full Name
Residential address
Suburb State Postcode
Postal address Postal address same as residential address
Suburb State Postcode
* If you choose to email or fax a copy of any documentation to us, you do so at your own risk. As both of these are unsecured means of communication,
there is a risk your information could be viewed by others if it is intercepted or sent to an incorrect address/number, and Bankwest assumes no
responsibility for this. If you have any concerns about emailing or faxing information to us please provide it by other means.
Section 5 – Things you should know
Section 4 - Fees and charges
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Section 6 – Transfers/reprice
Is the borrower using any surplus funds in the loan account to reduce their limit? Yes No
Do you currently have an oset linked to your home loan?
Yes No
Do you have a mortgage protection policy on any of your loans? Please discuss with your Broker/Home Finance Manager
potential scenarios.
When transferring home loans to a new product any remaining interest only term does not transfer.
Product(s) Existing account number New product(s) required Owner Occupied Investment Fixed rate term New limit
1 $
2 $
3 $
4 $
5 $
Section 7 - Combine
When requesting to combine home loans, the following rules apply:
Where the loan terms dier, the account number with the longest term will be retained
Where the loan terms are the same, the account number with the highest limit will be retained
Repayment Type – Principal & Interest only, requests for Interest Only must be via full application
Oset – Any oset account(s) linked to the loans will be linked to the retained loan
Method of Operation – If this diers between any of the loan accounts being combined, then the resulting home loan will be
“Two to Sign jointly”. This can be amended at any time by notice to us in writing.
Existing Account Number 1: Existing Account Number 2:
Existing Account Number 3: Existing Account Number 4:
Section 8 – Split
When requesting to split a home loan, the following rules apply:
When splitting a variable rate home loan into a variable and xed rate home loan, the existing account number will be retained
for the variable rate home loan.
Repayment Type – Principal & Interest only, request for Interest Only must be via full application
Oset – If an oset account is linked to the original home loan it will remain linked, to this home loan. If you want additional
Oset accounts these will need to be opened through a separate request.
Method of Operation – The additional loan(s) will have the same Method of Operation applied as the original home loan i.e.
Original home loan is “Any One to Sign” then the additional loan will also be “Any One to Sign”. This can be amended at any time
by notice to us in writing.
Existing Account Number:
New Loan Limit 1: New product 1:
New Loan Limit 2: New product 2:
New Loan Limit 3: New product 3:
New Loan Limit 4: New product 4:
Section 9 – Declaration
I/We warrant that the information given by me/us on this form is true and correct including the Privacy and Spam Statement Consent
in section 10. I/We are not aware of any circumstances which may cause the information to change at this time. I/We have been
notied of the features, risks and costs of the new product. I/We have requested and it meets My/Our needs. I/We have read the Fee
details under section 4 and “Things you should know” under section 5 and acknowledge the potential implications, fees and cost. I/
We acknowledge that I/We are not aware of any future changes in our ability to make repayments without nancial diculty at this
Borrower / Guarantor 1 signature
Borrower / Guarantor 3 signature
Borrower / Guarantor 2 signature
Borrower / Guarantor 4 signature
Is this a request to restructure current home loans (reallocation of limits between current home loans)? Yes No
Borrower / Guarantor Declaration
Where I have facilitated the application for a home loan transfer, I conrm that I have made reasonable enquiries with the customer
to understand their needs and goals. I have explained all relevant features and benets, associated costs, including break fees.
Broker/Lender Declaration
Broker/Lender signature
I conrm a pricing request has been submitted for this request:
Yes No
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Section 10 – Privacy & Spam Statement Consent
This Statement explains how Bankwest, Commonwealth Bank
of Australia (“CBA”) and subsidiaries of CBA (“we” or “us”) collect,
use and disclose personal information and send communications
about products and services.
‘Personal information’ is information about, and which identies,
an individual (such as name and contact details). Your personal
information includes information about who you are; your
interactions with us (such as transactions on your account);
your credit history (including what you borrow, whether you
make repayments on time and information obtained from
credit reporting bodies (CRBs)). It may also include information
about you that is publicly available, for example from public
registers or made available through social media.
When you give us personal information about another person,
you represent that you are authorised to do so and agree to
inform that person of the contents of this Statement as it relates
to them.
In addition to the Privacy Act, individuals located in the European
Union (EU) may also have rights under EU based rules known as
the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR has
harmonised the data privacy laws of each individual EU country,
giving more rights to individuals located in the EU and more
obligations to organisations holding their personal information.
Details of additional rights of individuals located in the EU and how
we meet them are outlined in Appendix 1 of the Privacy Policy.
Purposes for which we collect and use personal information
We collect your information to identify you in accordance with
the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing
Act, and if you are giving a mortgage, certain State property
laws, e.g. Real Property Act in NSW and to assess your application
for consumer credit under the National Consumer Credit
Protection Act if applicable. You are not required to provide
your Tax File Number. However, if we do not collect your Tax
File Number as permitted by the Taxation Administration Act
1953 and the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936, we may be
required to withhold amounts from you and remit them to the
Australian Taxation Oce.
We also collect your personal information to assess and process
an application for any product or service that you make or for
which you are a signatory, guarantor, or representative; for
internal processes including risk management and pricing, to
administer our relationship with you, to meet our obligations in
relation to external payment, credit reporting systems,
Government bodies and our funding arrangements, to identify
and (unless you tell us not to) tell you about products that may
interest you, and to comply with regulatory requirements.
If you use our website or online applications we may collect
information about your location or activity (including whether
you have accessed third party sites) to customise your
The information we collect about you may also include sensitive
information such as information about your health where we
collect it for a specic purpose, for example, in assessing an
application you make for hardship relief.
You consent to us collecting your personal information
(including sensitive information) for the purposes described
Exchange of personal information generally
We may exchange personal information about you with: our
related bodies corporate, other persons to verify that it is
correct (eg with your employer); assignees, agents, contractors
and external advisers; organisations for verifying your identity;
your agents, advisers, referees, executors, administrators,
trustees, beneciaries (if you are a trustee), guardians or
attorneys; law enforcement, regulatory and Government
bodies; anyone who introduces you to us; reward program
providers, third parties providing fraud detection services, your
franchisor; payment system operators; your and our insurers or
prospective insurers and their underwriters; any person we
consider necessary to execute your instructions; broker groups
and broker industry associations; other organisations for the
supply of services and (unless you tell us not to) marketing of
products; other persons where this is permitted by law; persons
with whom you make a joint application for a product or service
with us; any nancial institution to or from which a payment is
made in relation to any account you have or operate; your
current and prospective co-borrowers, current and prospective
signatories participants or transferees in a securitisation or
other funding scheme (including ratings agencies), or persons
considering purchasing or who purchase or manage loans and
their advisers; nancial institutions, and debt collecting
We may also include your personal information on any registers
relevant to services we provide, such as the Personal Property
Security Register.
Exchange of personal information with credit providers
We may exchange your personal information with other credit
providers (including information provided by or derived from a
CRB such as a consumer credit report) for the following
to assess an application for credit;
to consider whether or not to accept you as a guarantor or
security provider;
to collect overdue payments, to manage credit, to help you
avert default on credit obligations and take action in the event
of your fraud or
other serious credit infringement; and
to provide or manage securitised or transferred loans.
Exchange of personal information with guarantors
If you are a borrower, we may exchange your personal
information (including a consumer credit report) with your
guarantor, a person who hasprovided security for credit, or to a
person in order for them to consider whether or not to act as
guarantor or to provide security for credit.
Exchange of personal information with CRBs
We may exchange your information with CRBs, including by:
disclosing to a CRB:
information they are permitted to collect in conducting a
credit reporting business;
a failure by you to meet your payment obligations in relation
to consumer credit; or
details of any fraud or other serious credit infringement you
obtaining a consumer credit report from the CRB to:
assess an application for, or collect overdue payments of,
commercial credit;
consider whether or not to accept you as a guarantor or
security provider;
obtaining commercial credit information about you in order
to assess an application by you for consumer credit.
In order to verify your identity, we may provide your name,
residential address and date of birth to a CRB, which may
use that information and corresponding information in credit
information les of individuals to prepare and provide an
assessment of whether your information matches information
on a credit information le held by that CRB. By accepting
the terms of this statement, you agree to us requesting an
assessment and providing your personal information for such
an assessment.
CRBs may include information which we provide in reports
to other credit providers to assist them to assess your
The CRBs we may use include Equifax -,
Experian Australia Credit Services Pty Ltd -
au/credit-services/credit-services.html and illion - www.illion. Each body has a policy which sets out how it deals with
credit information held by it, which is available using the contact
details above.
If you apply to us to be a borrower, guarantor or security
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Section 10 – Privacy & Spam Statement Consent (continued)
provider, or if you are already a borrower, guarantor or
security provider with us, you agree to us accessing your
personal information held with a CRB (including consumer
credit information), even if there is a ban period in place, for
the purposes of assessing the relevant credit application or in
order to collect overdue payments in relation to that credit. If
you have been, or are likely to be, a victim of fraud (including
identity fraud), you can ask a CRB not to use or disclose credit
information the CRB holds about you.
Transfer of personal information overseas
Sometimes it may be necessary to send your information
overseas – for example, where we outsource functions overseas
or to related bodies corporate; where we need to complete a
transaction on your behalf or where this is required by laws and
regulations in Australia or in another country. These countries
include, but are not limited to, New Zealand, United Kingdom,
USA and Ireland. See our Privacy Policy for more information.
Disclosure and use of your personal information by QBE
If we decide to obtain lenders’ mortgage insurance (LMI) on
your loan or a loan you guarantee, we will give information
about you to our LMI provider, QBE Lenders’ Mortgage
Insurance Ltd ABN 70 000 511 071 (QBE). QBE explains how
they handle information about you in QBE’s privacy policy set
out at This includes how you can access and
correct information about you that QBE holds, how you can
make a complaint if you have concerns about how QBE manages
your information; and how QBE will deal with complaints.
You can access information that QBE holds about you by calling
1300 367 764.
QBE collects your personal information to decide whether
to insure Bankwest under an LMI policy, to assess the risk of
you defaulting on the loan, (if you are a guarantor) to assess
the risk of you being unable to meet a liability arising under
a guarantee, to administer and vary the insurance cover
including for securitisation and hardship applications, to deal
with claims and recovery of proceeds including among other
things to enforce the loan in place of Bankwest, for a mortgage
insurance purpose relating to you and for any other purpose
under the LMI contract between Bankwest and QBE. If your
information is not provided to QBE, QBE may not be able to
issue the insurance and Bankwest may not be in a position to
provide the loan.
Where permitted by the Privacy Act, QBE may disclose your
information to us, our assignees, credit reporting agencies,
regulatory bodies, payment system operators and its related
companies (whether in Australia or overseas), its service
providers, its agents, contractors and external advisers, a
guarantor or potential guarantor, reinsurers, to parties for the
purposes of securitisation, to parties for the purposes of fraud
prevention, your referees (including your employer), your legal
and nancial advisers, mercantile agents (if you default on
the loan), rating agencies and other nancial institutions and
credit providers. Where permitted by the Privacy Act, QBE may
disclose your personal information to its related companies in
the Philippines. By signing this statement you agree that QBE
may use and disclose information about you in the manner
described above.
Unless you tell us not to, by accepting the terms of this
statement, you consent to us using your personal information
(including information collected from others) to advertise
or promote products, services, or business or investment
opportunities we think may interest you including by:
contacting you by telephone or writing to you; and
sending commercial electronic messages to any electronic
address which you provide or for which you are responsible.
You can ask us not to contact you and not to disclose your
information to others for that purpose, by calling 13 17 19.
CRBs may use consumer credit information they hold to
respond to requests from us or other credit providers to “pre-
screen” you for direct marketing. You can ask a CRB not to do
this. However, you may still receive direct marketing from us
(unless you ask us not to) that has not been “pre-screened”.
Further information
This Statement should be read in conjunction with the Privacy
Policy on our website at or by calling
13 17 19.
You have rights to access your personal information (including
credit-related information) from us, to request us to correct the
information, and to make a complaint to us about a breach of
your privacy rights (including credit reporting rights) in relation
to the information.
By ticking this box, you agree to its terms and you consent
and agree to us collecting, using, exchanging and transferring
overseas, your personal information as described and as set
out in our Privacy Policy.
If you do not provide the above consent (other than the
marketing consent), we will not be able to provide you with
the best products and services that suit your needs.
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