Falsifying or altering a transcript, diploma, or GED from any high school, college, university or technical college and/or fraudulent use of falsified or
altered documents is unlawful. (SECTION 16-13-15, South Carolina State Law)
High School Transcript Request
Instructions for the Applicant:
Please send this form to the last high school that you have attended. If you are still in high school, complete the form and give to
your Guidance Counselor to send your transcript after you graduate (unless otherwise requested).
Please be aware that most schools charge a fee, and will not release a transcript until the fee is paid. To save time, contact your
school in advance to determine if a fee should accompany this request.
Note: Greenville Technical College accepts official transcripts from institutions that are regionally accredited. Private schools and
home schools must be regionally accredited or listed with the appropriate Department of Education. For complete details on
acceptable transcripts, visit www.gvltec.edu/acceptable-grad-types/
To: Office of Student Records, Registrar or Guidance
Name of School
Street Address or P. O. Box
City State Zip Code
I have applied for admission to Greenville Technical College and request that you send
an official copy of my transcript to:
Admissions Office
Greenville Technical College
MS 6035
P. O. Box 5616
Greenville SC 29606-5616
I graduated or last attended your school in .
Thank you for your prompt attention.
Name Please include all names (maiden and others used at the time of attendance)
Social Security Number Date of Birth Telephone
Current Address City State Zip Code
Signature Date
Click here to print completed form, then sign and send to your previous school.