High School Recommendation Form
Admissions and Records
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The student named below is recommended as a special PART-TIME community college student to undertake course(s) of instruc-
tion offered at the community college level. The intent of this recommendation is to provide educational enrichment opportunities
for the student as authorized in Education Code 48800 and 76001. Students may not register in a course with a prerequisite un-
less the prerequisite has been met previously.
The ENROLLMENT FEE and HEALTH FEE will be waived for special admit part-time students (up to 11 units).
The followi
ng conditions are associated with admission as a special part-time student to the college:
The course content is not altered and is intended for adults;
The student is treated as an adult, and is expected to act in a mature manner in the classroom and on campus;
Grades earned are entered onto the student’s permanent college transcript;
Parents must communicate with their son/daughter about academic progress and not with the instructor or other
college personnel;
Students should enroll in college-level coursework (courses numbered 1-99)
No physical education courses may be taken.
Student ID (YCCD provided) Birth Date Grade Level you will be in when
Classes begin (i.e. 9th, 10th., 11th, 12th)
High School: Address: City, State, Zip:
Class Code Course Title Units Days Time
Required Signatures
I, ____________________________, as the parent/guardian of the above-named student, authorize him/her to enroll in Yuba
College course(s) and understand that in accordance with FERPA regulations, information may NOT be released to the parent
without written permission from the student
Parent Signature Date
I, , agree to abide by all rules and regulations of the Yuba Community College
District, and authorize the release of all academic information back to the high school.
Student Signature Date
Based on
the student’s academic background, I verify this student is eligible to enroll in advanced scho-
lastic or vocational work, and is recommended for admission to the college.
Designated School Official Signature Date
For Fall/Spring semesters approval to take over 6 units is required from the college designated representative/District
For Summer session approval to take over 6 units is required from the college designated representative/District Registrar.
Designated Representative/District Registrar Signature Date
After each semester, transcripts for concurrently enrolled high school students will be sent to the high
Rev. 04/20
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Concurrent enrollment is subject to the following requirements:
Students must have completed the 8th grade;
Students must complete the appropriate college Assessment Exam when registering for an
English, Mathematics or Reading course that has a prerequisite;
(1)Students should present to the Admissions & Records Office their photo identification
(driver’s license or another form of photo identification) for assessment testing and to receive
testing results; and,
2) the
High School Recommendation Form signed by the High School Designee or County
Student must have met any course prerequisite requirements;
Student should enroll in college-level coursework;
Students are required to fulfill the minimum day requirement at their high school, or for charter/
home school students, the parent has to verify that the proposed college coursework will not inter-
fere with the student’s basic high school coursework;
Charter/home-school students must present a grade equivalency certification, documenting th
level they have achieved;
Charter/home-school students must present a copy of the affidavit submitted to the State
ty Office of Education to document the student’s involvement in an educational process;
Students are responsible to discuss the use of the college course with the high school PRIOR TO
ENROLLING IN THE COURSE. The college assumes no responsibility for the agreement between
the high school and the student. Students attending a class with the Yuba Community College Dis-
trict are expected to abide by all rules and regulations of the District. Non-residents will be
WAIVED of paying non-resident tuition.
ee Schedule of Classes or College Webpage for registration dates for high school students.
Concurrent Enrollment Administrative Procedures
accordance with Board Policies 5010 and 5011, the Yuba Community College District will admit
students under the age of 18 who do not hold high school diplomas or the equivalent, as special part-
time students, provided these students are recommended by their high school as being able to benefit
from advanced scholastic and vocational coursework, excluding physical education courses. Stu-
dents must have the written recommendation of their high school designee/county superintendent, and
written parental approval.
Information for High School Designee/Principal/County Superintendent Only
y signing this recommendation form, the High School designee is certifying that he/she is in compli-
ance with Section 48800 of the Education Code.
or Summer Session Classes ONLY:
Note: The High School Principal may recommend a pupil for community college summer session for the
following courses regardless of the 5% limitation:
(1) College course-level coursework that applies toward the IGETC or CSU GE requirement;
(2) College-level occupational coursework that is part of a sequence of career-technical education
courses leading to a degree or certificate in that subject area.
(3) Courses that are necessary to assist pupils who have not passed the California High School Exi
Other than these 3 exemptions to the 5% rule, the High School Principal may only recommend a pupil
for community college summer session if that pupil meets all of the following criteria:
(A) Demonstrates adequate preparation in the discipline being studied;
(B) Exhausts all opportunities to enroll in an equivalent course, if any, at his/her school of attendance.
the pupil does not qualify for one of the 3 exemptions, a High School Principal may not recommend
for community college summer session attendance more than 5% of the total number of pupils who
completed that grade immediately prior to the time of recommendation.