Hibbing Community College Program in Nursing Application Form
ALL nursing applications are accepted beginning September 1st and DUE February 1st
Applications MUST BE COMPLETE to be considered for admission.
Late applicants MAY be accepted and evaluated for wait list status.
A COMPLETE application consists of the following:
A Hibbing Community College (HCC) college application (if you are denied acceptance into the college, your
nursing application will not be considered for admission).
A completed Nursing Application form (this form).
Official transcripts from ALL previous colleges you have attended. (only schools not part of Minnesota State
Colleges and University System need to be sent as we have access to all others).
You MUST meet ONE of the following criteria by the application deadline of February 1st:
o Completion with a 3.0 average or better of at least thirteen or more credits of NURSING PROGRAM required
general education courses as listed on the nursing program plan. Note: ALL required general education courses
taken will be included in the GPA calculation except ONLY one course to meet the 2
requirement will be included in this calculation
o Submit acceptable ACT or SAT scores (within 2 years). Minimum ACT composite score of 23 or minimum SAT
combined score of 1070 (CR+M).
______________________________ ____________________________ _________________________
Last Name (print) First Name (print) HCC Student ID Number or SS #
Initial and Complete ONE of the following boxes:
I am NOT an LPN and do not plan on being an LPN before starting the nursing program at HCC.
If you check this, you are applying for the Traditional Associate Degree Nursing Track.
I am already an LPN or in the last semester of an LPN program. If you check this, you will be applying for the
Advance Standing/LPN to Associate Degree Nursing Track.
Name of LPN program graduated from or currently attending: _____________________________
There may be the option of distant sites for Advance Standing students ONLY. Which site would you prefer (if
available)? ONLY CHOOSE ONE
__ Hibbing On-campus _ Grand Rapids Off-campus ITV _ International Falls Off-campus ITV
PLEASE NOTE: You MUST make sure that your name, address, phone numbers, and email stay current with Nursing
Admissions. Nursing Admissions uses this information for important communications regarding admission to the nursing
program. Nursing Admissions contact: 218-262-7247 Fax: 218-262-6717
Sign below to verify that you have READ and UNDERSTAND all of the above information:
_______________________________________ ___________
Applicant Signature Date
Hibbing Community College is an affirmative action, equal opportunity employer and educator. Member of the Minnesota State College and University system. This
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