HiSET Transition Scholarship:
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First Semester Enrolling at ECC/Year: Fall Spring Summer
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Students who have earned a high school equivalency diploma (HiSET) through the AEL program at East Central College
are eligible to receive a tuition waiver of a three (3) hour college credit class at East Central College. In order for a
student to qualify for the incentive, a student must have completed the HiSET program or/and exam with East Central
College within twelve (12) months prior to enrollment and it must be his or her first time attending any college.
Fees and books associated with the class are the responsibility of the student. The scholarship will be used toward
general education classes and does not include technical education, allied health or upper-level courses.
Interested students will be required to submit a copy of their HiSET scores along with a completed copy of the ECC
Institutional Scholarship application.
There is not an application deadline for the HiSet Transition Scholarship, however, a student must apply for
and use the incentive during their first semester of enrollment at East Central College.
___ This waiver covers tuition costs only all fees/books must be paid by the student.
___ The student successfully completed the ECC HiSET program and exam on or after December 2014.
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