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Help you understand your benefits
We will answer questions about your benefits and
coverage, including medical, prescription, dental
and vision.
Explain your share of the costs
This includes the deductibles you have to meet
before the insurance pays, as well as the copays/
coinsurance for doctor and medical visits.
Confirm your doctors’ network status
We can help locate in-network providers and
explain your out-of-network benefits, if needed.
Clarify health conditions
We can answer questions about diagnoses
and treatments and research the latest
treatment options.
Coordinate care and services
Our clinical team will help coordinate services
relating to all aspects of your care.
Our Personal Health Advocates can answer questions about your health plan, explain
insurance jargon, help you understand your coverage, find doctors and support all medical and
insurance issues, no matter how complex.
Healthcare is complex
We’re here to help
make it easier!
Arrange second opinions
We’ll connect you with the right
specialists and coordinate the transfer
of medical records.
Help to make informed decisions
We help you become informed about test
results, treatment options and medications,
and more.
Resolve claims and billing issues
We’ll work on your behalf to resolve
complicated medical claims and
billing issues.
Help on the go
Quickly reach us any time you like — by
phone, email and secure messaging. Easy
access to our website and mobile app for
articles, tips, tools and more!