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2021-2023 Community
Development Block Grant (CDBG) Project Request Form
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Tree Planting
Fire Stations/Equipment
Asbestos Removal
Homeowner Repair Program
Code Enforcement
Energy Efficiency Improvements
Acquisition and Demolition
Senior Center Improvements
Parks, Recreational Facilities
Flood Drainage Improvements
Water/Sewer Improvements
Street Improvements
Parking Facilities
4. Budget
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Line item
Village of Golf Manor
Ron Hirth
Residential project reimbursement up to $1,500 per single property with
documentation with prior approval
Village Administrator
Eligible residential properties
$ 15,000
Grant reimbursement for repairs up to a max. $ 1,500 per single property.
Residential Property Owner Repair Reimbursement Program
Budget description (if applicable):
5. Relationship to Other Initiatives
a. Does this
oject implement an existing study or plan for the community?
Yes No
If yes, please share the name of the study or plan and a link if it’s available online.
b. Is this project a continuation of a previously funded CDBG project? Yes No
If yes, what is the name and year of the project?
6. Qualification:
a. Does the project benefit a low to moderate income area of the community?
Yes No
This can be measured by the actual people benefiting from the project/program or by the census block
group area being served.
To qualify, at least 51% of the persons benefiting from this project must have incomes of 80% or less
of the area median income. Currently, this is $69,050 per year for a household of four people.
b. Please list the census tract number(s) and block group(s) that benefit from this project:
Link to map to determine LMI for each census block group in project area:
or http://hudgis-
The US Bureau of the Census no longer administers a long form census; this means that they lost the
ability to track block group data. If census tract data does not show 51
% low to moderate income
residents, a local survey can be administered.
c. Do you anticipate having to collect local survey data? Yes No
d. Does the project assist senior citizens, persons with disabilities or make accessibility changes to a
building? Yes No
f yes, please explain:
There will be no funding budgeted by the Village for this program.
We are following recommendations from the 2019 TAP study as well as considering
eedback from 2019 WeTHRIVE study.
Property Code Enforcement Enhancement Initiative_2018, 2019, 2020
• BlockGroups LMISD ACS: Block Group 1, Census Tract 234, Hamilton County, Ohio • BlockGroups LMISD ACS: Block Group 2, Census Tract 234, Hamilton County, Ohio • BlockGroups LMISD ACS: Block Group 3, Census Tract 234, Hamilton County, Ohio • BlockGroups LMISD ACS: Block Group 4, Census Tract 234, Hamilton County, Ohio
Our elderly population generally have resided for 20 plus years in
1930/40's era housing. These home required renovation, particularly
on the exterior with retaining walls, sidewalks, driveways, roofing,
gutters, etc. This program would allow us the ability to work with
these owners to identify and solve code issues and recommend
resources for resolution. and compliance. This program in the past
has helped to increase property values and we are looking to
continue to enhance that result.
7. Need and Priority:
Briefly explain why this project is a priority need for your community:
The Golf Manor population is comprised of a number of long-term, elderly residents
who need assistance and direction with property maintenance issues. We will continue
to build relationships with these residents and find solutions to help manage these
issues while concurrently improving the overall housing stock of the village and
improving quality of life.