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What is a Financial Affidavit?
It provides financial information and documents to the other
party and the judge.
The Financial Affidavit must be supported by
o most recent income tax returns
o most recent pay stubs or other proof of income
o most recent bank statements
o others that support you statements about your income,
expenses, debts, and assets
o Note: If your contact information is protected because
of a domestic violence or abuse court order, you can
remove that information from the financial documents
you provide.
Who must fill out a Financial Affidavit?
o A party in a case in which temporary support, temporary
maintenance, or interim attorney fees are requested.
o A party in a case in which a local court rule or the judge
requires that a Financial Affidavit be provided.
Where can I find the forms I need?
You can find the forms at:
How do I fill out the Financial Affidavit?
The form has instructions in the column on the left side to
help you.
Do I have to answer all the questions?
Yes, answer all questions and complete all sections of the
Financial Affidavit even if the response is “not applicable,”
“none,” “not in my possession,” or another brief explanation.
What if I lie on the Financial Affidavit?
The information you provide in the Financial Affidavit must
be true. If you lie or provide misleading information, you
may face significant penalties and sanctions, including
costs and attorney’s fees.
What if I realize I made a mistake on the Financial
Affidavit or my information changes?
Fill out and provide a corrected Financial Affidavit.
How do I calculate my income?
If you are not paid monthly, you will need to convert your
income into monthly amounts. For example, if you are paid
$600 per week, multiply $600 by 52 weeks to get your pay
per year and then divide that amount by 12 months to get
your monthly pay ($600 x 52 = $31,200 ÷ 12 = $2,600 per
How do I calculate my expenses?
Some expenses vary during the year or are paid only once
or twice a year. In those cases, calculate the total yearly
amount you pay and then divide by 12 to reach the average
monthly amount. For example, if you pay $600 twice a year
for car insurance, multiply $600 by 2 to get the amount you
pay per year ($1,200) and then divide that amount by 12 to
get the monthly amount ($600 x 2 = $1,200 ÷ 12 = $100 per
How to Calculate Monthly Amounts
Do not list the same expense in more than one section of
the Financial Affidavit.
Use this “How to Calculate Monthly Amounts” table
to help make your calculations.
Weekly (52 times per year):
$_____ x 52 = $_____÷ 12 = $_____ per month
Bi-weekly/every 2 weeks (26 times per year):
$_____ x 26 = $_____÷ 12 = $_____ per month
Semi-monthly/twice a month (24 times per year):
$_____ x 24 = $_____÷ 12 = $_____ per month
Quarterly (4 times per year):
$_____ x 4 = $_____÷ 12 = $_____ per month
How to determine fair market value (FMV)?
FMV is generally defined as a selling price for an item to
which an unrelated buyer and seller can agree. You may
also look at what similar items have sold for recently, getting
the item appraised, or by using a third-party website like for real estate or Kelley Blue Book for
automobiles. Attach any documents you have that verify
When is the Financial Affidavit due?
o Your Financial Affidavit is due by any deadline given by
local court rules or by the judge.
o If you file a request for temporary child support,
temporary maintenance, or interim attorney fees, your
Financial Affidavit is due at the same time.
What do I do after I fill out my Financial Affidavit?
o You must send a copy of the completed Financial Affidavit
and supporting documents to the other party in the case. If
a party has a lawyer, send it to the lawyer.
o Complete and file a Proof of Delivery form with the Circuit
Clerk to show that you sent your forms to the other party.
You can find the Proof of Delivery form at:
o File the Proof of Delivery with the Circuit Clerk.
o Do not file your Financial Affidavit with the Circuit Clerk
unless a local rule or court order requires you to do so.
DV-I 119.2
Find Illinois Supreme Court approved forms at:
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