Adopted by the Simsbury Board of Selectmen on March 26, 2018
I. Purpose
The Town of Simsbury affords Simsbury based organizations and other governmental
agencies the opportunity to display banners along Hopmeadow Street for events using
attachments to decorative street lights or a single banner hung over and across the
Hopmeadow Street adjacent to Shultz Park. The pole mounted banners utilize 19 designated
bracketed poles (DBP). These poles are located on both sides of the roadway between
Massaco Street and Wilcox Street. The individual banner is across Hopmeadow Street and
utilizes rigging at Pole 130 CL&P and 131 HELCO.
“Events” are to include those scheduled on particular dates and times or for specific time
periods for which those events are scheduled. General information for youth and adult sports
leagues are not considered to be events.
II. Applicability
All organizations listed under Section IV of this policy wishing to display banners along
Hopmeadow Street using attachments to decorative street lights or a single banner hung over
Hopmeadow Street adjacent to Shultz Park are expected to comply with the provisions of this
III. Effective Date
This policy shall be effective immediately and shall remain in effect until revised or
rescinded. The Town reserves the right to amend this policy as necessary. This policy
replaces the Route 10 Light Post Banner Display Policy approved by the Board of Selectmen
on November 25, 2013.
IV. Authorized Users, In order of Priority
A. Town of Simsbury: The Town of Simsbury, one of its Departments, or an event
receiving direct or in-direct support from the Town in the form of co-sponsorship.
B. Non-Profit Organizations Serving Simsbury Residents: A 501(c)(3) not-for-profit
organization as defined by the Internal Revenue Service or the State of Connecticut,
serving Simsbury residents, and promoting an event taking place in Simsbury.
C. Not-for-Profit Organizations, Civic Organizations, and Other Governmental
Agencies: A not-for-profit organization, civic group, or another governmental
agency, serving Simsbury residents, and promoting an event taking place in
V. Requirements and Application
A. Use of the banners is limited to Authorized Users, as listed above in Section IV of
this policy.
B. All proposed banners must comply with the terms of this policy.
C. An application for display of banners is available from and shall be made to the
Town of Simsbury Planning Department. Applications shall include the following:
Documentation demonstrating that the organization meets the definition of an
Authorized User as outlined in Section IV of this policy.
Information demonstrating that the banner is promoting an event as defined in
Section I of this policy.
A clear statement of the purpose of the banner and a description of the content,
size, location, and tenure of the proposed banner.
A scaled picture rendition of the content of the proposed banner along with any
Name and contact information of the person responsible for coordinating the
drop-off and pick-up of the banners.
Applications for each calendar year may be submitted starting on January 1
of the
same calendar year.
D. The Town will administer the display and removal of the banners. Only Town of
Simsbury staff will be permitted to put up and take down the banners.
E. All Authorized Users must obtain a certificate of insurance (COI) naming both the
Town of Simsbury and the State of Connecticut as additional insured, with minimum
coverage limits of $1,000,000.
F. At the writing of this policy, Authorized Users should be aware that DOT regulations
allow the sponsor name to be placed on the banner (subordinate to the message), but
no further commercial content/advertising is allowed.
G. No banners will be displayed between the dates of December 1
and March 31
, with
the exception of the banner for the Martin Luther King, Jr. event in January.
H. If approved, the individual banner across Hopmeadow Street banner may be
authorized for up to a two-week period, twice per year for any organization. If
approved, lamp post banners may be authorized for up to an eight-week period, once
per year.
I. All banners shall be dropped off at the designated Town Hall location (933
Hopmeadow Street) by 6am on the Friday preceding the date in which the banner(s)
will be hung. Banner(s) must be picked up within one week of removal or they will
be disposed. The Town of Simsbury assumes no responsibility for damage to
banners, banners that are ill-fitting, loss, fading, inappropriate designs, banners that
are delivered late, late installations, wind or storm damage or craftsmanship.
J. Installation of the banners will be made as close as possible to the approved dates;
however, the Town reserves the right to alter the hanging schedule in the event of
exigent circumstances such as but not limited to inclement weather, a public
emergency, or available staff resources. Deviations from the hanging schedule shall
be granted by the Town Manager, or his/her designee.
K. In the event of approval of an application, a Temporary Sign Permit shall be issued
by the Zoning Enforcement Officer (ZEO).
Applicant Information:
Name of 501(c)(3) : ____________________________________________________(provide proof of status)
Information concerning the Town Sponsored Event/Town
A scaled picture rendition of the banner showing all content- this can be provided by the sign company
Certificate of Insurance naming the Town of Simsbury and State of Connecticut as an additional insured,
with a minimum policy limit of $1,000,000
Nothing in this permit shall supersede any other federal, state, municipal or private laws, regulations, ordinances
or by-laws, which may be binding.
APPLICANT’S NAME: ________________________________________________________________
APPLICANT’S ADDRESS:_____________________________________________________________
CITY: __________________________________________ STATE: ___________ ZIP: ____________
HOME PHONE: ____________________________ CELL PHONE: ____________________________
BUSINESS PHONE: _________________________ FAX NUMBER: ___________________________
EMAIL ADDRESS: ____________________________________________________________________
DATE BANNER TO BE HUNG: __________________ EVENT DATE: _____________
DATE BANNER TO BE REMOVED: __________________
I agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Town of Simsbury from any damage resulting from or to
said banner including, but not limited to property damage. I have read the Town of Simsbury’s banner
policies and specifications and agree to adhere to these policies and specifications.
Applicant’s Signature:_______________________________ Date: ______________
Approved By: ________________________________________ Date: ______________
Zoning Enforcement Officer
T:\Forms\Applications\Temporary Banner Permit - HOPMEADOW STREET 02272018.doc
Banners must be made by an approved professional installer (sign builder) who is
familiar with the specific requirements necessary to build, rig, hang, adjust, and take
down a banner of utmost safety.
No “homemade” banners will be allowed.
Banners shall have a finished overall length 29'11" x width 41", and have a
of ten (10) well dispersed “air holes” to reduce wind pressure. The banner cannot be
less than eighteen (18) feet above the center of the pavement.
Banner must be strong enough to withstand 50 mph wind.
The ends of the banner should have a two-inch diametersleeve” so the iron pipes
may slide through it at each end. Ends are to be rolled and heavily stitched to allow 1"
pipe to go through.
¾” grommet holes will be located on the top and bottom of the banner three inches
from each doubly reinforced corner of the banner and every 18” along the top and
bottom of the banner.
Grommets shall be of at least ½-inch in diameter in order to accommodate the
No print closer than 4" from top.
Finished size of lamp post banners shall be 30”x60”
There shall be 2.5” pole pockets and 1” hems all the way around
T:\Forms\Applications\Temporary Banner Permit - HOPMEADOW STREET 02272018.doc