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This form pertains to HOPE Scholarship eligibility only. Please read the following questions and information carefully.
Have you previously received a bachelor’s degree? YES NO Stop here if your response is YES, you will NOT be eligible for the
HOPE Scholarship program. Do not submit this form!
Year graduated high school or received GED Stop here if your response is more than 7 years ago, you will NOT be eligible.
Do not submit this form!
Residency Checklist: (Student must answer both questions).
Is Georgia your state of legal residence? YES NO *Date became legal resident of GA
Note* Additional information and documentation may be required to verify residency. Beginning fall 2011, active duty military
personnel stationed in Georgia and their dependents shall be treated as Georgia residents for purposes of HOPE Scholarship eligibility;
additional documentation may be required.
Are you active duty military personnel currently stationed in GA? YES NO
military person currently stationed in GA? YES NO
Are you a dependent of an active duty
HOPE Scholarship Checklist and Evaluation Application Form
SS #
Student ID #
Name: Phone SCTC Email
Address: _City, State, Zip:
Which degree program are you applying for?
Academic History and Georgia Residency-Information:
High School City State Year Graduated
Location, state and year of GED test
*List all colleges and other post-secondary institutions previously attended. Evaluation will not begin until all official, final
transcripts from each institution attended have been received, regardless of whether they were required for admissions or used
for transfer of credit. Failure to provide complete and accurate information may result in the delay or cancellation of your
evaluation and repayment of awards received.
Please list name of college, state, years attended or graduated and degree received?
College Name State Years Attended Graduated (Yes/No) Degree Received
Student Signature Date
Southern Crescent Technical College
HOPE Scholarship
Evaluation Request Form
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*In order to process the HOPE Scholarship Evaluation, official, final transcripts from all colleges previously attended must be
received (regardless of how many years ago this attendance occurred). Please allow 2-3 weeks from date of submission for
processing of this evaluation.
Additional eligibility requirements and definitions
Postsecondary Cumulative Grade Point Average: The calculation of postsecondary grades earned in Degree coursework (including grades for
Learning Support courses attempted through Summer term 2011) to determine eligibility for the HOPE Scholarship at the End-of-Spring
Checkpoint, Three-Term Checkpoint, and all Attempted-Hours Checkpoints. The Postsecondary Cumulative Grade Point Average is calculated, by
the Eligible Postsecondary Institution, on a traditional 4.00 scale, to the hundredth decimal, without rounding. If a student meets the academic
requirements to be a HOPE Scholar, then all Attempted-Hours
and corresponding grades attempted after high school graduation, and only Degree
hours and corresponding grades attempted after high school graduation, must be included in the calculation. If a student does not meet the
academic requirements to be a HOPE Scholar, then all Attempted-Hours attempted prior to high school graduation but after July 1, 2008, must be
included in the calculation, but not the corresponding grades, if such credit hours are accepted by the student’s Eligible Postseco
ndary Institution
prior to Fall term 2011.
Zell Miller Scholarship Program- The Zell Miller Scholarship Program is a merit-based scholarship program with specific academic and grade
point average eligibility requirements. Academically Eligible” means the student entered an Eligible Postsecondary Institution in 2007 or later
with a high school Grade Point Average of 3.70 or higher as calculated by GSFC, and received a minimum score of 1200 combined critical reading
and math on a single administration of the SAT on a test administration at the time of high school graduation; or received a composite scale score
of 26 on a single administration of the ACT on a
test administration at the time of high school graduation; or having graduated high school being
named the Valedictorian or the Salutatorian.
Attempted-Hours: Credit hours are to be counted as Attempted-Hours regardless of whether the course was completed, the hours were earned, or
a letter grade was recorded on the student’s official academic transcript. Credit hours are counted as Attempted-Hours regardless of whether the
student receives payment for those hours from the HOPE. Rules for HOPE Scholars and Non-HOPE Scholars differ as to when Degree credits for
Attempted-Hours begin.
Combined Paid-Hours: The total number of Paid-Hours a student has accumulated as a result of payment from any combination of the HOPE
Scholarship Program, plus HOPE Grant Program, plus the Zell Miller Scholarship, plus, through FY2011, the Accel Program.
Do you have in excess of the max limit of Attempted-Hours or Paid-Hours? In order to be eligible for the HOPE Scholarship Program, a student may
not have exceeded the cumulative Attempted-Hours and/or Combined Paid-Hours limit of 190 quarter hours or 135 semester hours since high
school or the equivalent. If you do not think that you have exceeded this limit (127semester or 190 quarter hours), please fill out the next page and
submit the evaluation.
7-Year Limit -A student who has not received HOPE Scholarship payment prior to July 1, 2011 may receive the HOPE Scholarship until 7 years after
his/her high school graduation date or the graduation date of the student’s high school if the student withdrew from high school prior to his/her graduation date,
GED test date or Home Study program completion date, whichever occurs first.
Office Use Only
The above-referenced student has inquired about the HOPE Scholarship for an Associate Degree Program. Please verify the
student’s attempted hours and GPA by completing the following items and attaching a copy of the student’s transcripts.
Registrar Signature: Date:
SCTC is a unit of the Technical College System of Georgia and an Equal Opportunity Institute
Office Use Only: Hours Attempted: GPA @ 30____ 60____ 90____
Registrar Office:______________________ Date Evaluated:_______________
High School Transcript Confirmed:______________ HOPE Eligible: Yes____ No____ Tier____
College Transcripts Confirmed:_________________ Date e-mail sent:______________
Residency Confirmed:________________________ FAO Approved:________________
SURFER Confirmed:__________________________
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