Commonwealth Honors Program
The Honors Project can be based on library or field research, an original experiment, or a creative endeavor.
NOTE: To complete an Honors Project in a course a student must have a 3.3+ GPA in non-developmental courses.
If you are a new student, contact the Honors Coordinator.
Student: With the instructor of the course in which you will do a project, complete the information
requested on this page and turn it in WITH your Honors Project Proposal (see Page 2). Submit both
documents to Honors Coordinator Ginger Hurajt in C317B or via email at
STUDENT I.D._____________________________ E-MAIL_______
BER AND SECTION (for example LIT252-11) _____________________________________
COURSE TITLE____________________________________
FACULTY MENTOR______________________________________________________________________
Students are required to submit a 10-15 page written component. This is usually a research paper, but
may also be a series of shorter reports. A creative project must include the creative piece plus an
analytical description of process. All papers must include a bibliography of resources and be documented
in MLA or APA format. The final paper must be reviewed and approved by the faculty mentor and turned
in to the Honors Coordinator by the Friday of final exam week.
Students are required to give a 15-minute oral presentation to their class (online presentation for onlin
ourses). A member of the Honors Committee will attend the presentation.
Students are required to attend the Honors Poster Session. Contact the Honors Coordinator for the day
ime and venue.
Students must receive a grade of B or better in the course in which the project is completed in order to
receive the Honors notation for the course on their transcript.
Faculty mentor: Please review the Honors Project proposal for clarity and completeness. Your signature indicates
that the project exceeds your normal course requirements and will not be calculated as part of the student’s
grade. The Commonwealth Honors Program will pay a $200 honorarium (limit 2) for mentoring a completed
lty Mentor Signature (or email signature):________________________________________________________
Commonwealth Honors Program
Student: On a separate sheet of paper, type your responses to each of the following questions by
number in the order listed. We understand that your focus may change slightly as you complete the
project. The Honors Committee will review the proposal and forward their comments to the student and
the faculty mentor. Please keep a copy of the information form and the written proposal for your
records. Note: The proposal MUST be reviewed and accepted by your faculty mentor before submitting
it to the Honors Coordinator. Incomplete or poorly written proposals will not be accepted by the
Honors Committee.
1. Put your name, student ID, the name of the course, and your faculty mentor’s name at the top
of the Written Proposal.
2. Title of project
3. Description of the project (150-200 words) containing the following:
a. Preliminary thesis statement or statement of purpose. (The project should have a focus
specific enough to do it justice in the time allowed for completion.)
b. List of objectives (What do you hope to learn, demonstrate or accomplish from
completing the project?)
c. A statement on how this project exceeds the course content and requirements.
d. Methodology to be used (Library research, internet research, laboratory experiments,
surveys, interviews, etc.)
4. List at least three specific sources that you will use by title and author. Mostly primary sources
should be used. DO NOT list your course text as one of your sources. Your mentor can help you
find some initial sources. Your final paper will include your complete list of Works Cited.
5. Tentative schedule for completion of the project. Include:
a. The approximate dates you will meet with your faculty mentor (at least 5 meetings)
b. The submission dates of your outline, first draft, and final draft to your faculty mentor
c. The date, exact time and room number of your classroom presentation; this must take
place BEFORE final exam week.
The completed Honors Project Proposal is due at the Honors Coordinator’s office or via email
by the end of the fourth week of the semester.
Students must attend the Honors Poster Session (see Honors Coordinator time/room/date).
The final Honors Project paper must be submitted to the Honors Coordinator by noon on the
Friday of final exam week
ns?: Contact Honors Coordinator Ginger Hurajt
Office C317B
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