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The deadline for submitting nominations for Spring 2020 Commencement is January 17, 2020.
Send nominations to: Academic Affairs / Honorary Degree Committee
American International College
1000 State Street
Springfield, MA 01109
Nomination Criteria
An honorary degree is the highest form of recognition offered by American International College. These degrees
are a way for AIC to publicly recognize those who have made outstanding contributions to society through
scholarship, artistic production, humanitarianism, and other actions that further the College’s mission: to prepare
students for personal fulfillment, professional achievement, and civic engagement.
Please note that honorary degrees are not awarded in absentia, except in the case of compelling and
extraordinary circumstances.
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Nomination Narrative
Please comment (in narrative form) below or attach a separate one- to two-page statement that includes the
A one-to-two sentence description of why you are nominating this person for an honorary degree
How the candidate exemplifies the mission of American International College
If you are submitting this candidate for consideration as a commencement speaker, please explain why
they would be an outstanding choice for an audience of AIC students
Please attach the candidate’s curriculum vitae to this form, if available, and/or a biographical summary along
with any other supporting material.
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