To Be Completed and Signed Upon Submission of the PVWatts Systems Assessment
Installer Name:
Customer/Borrower Name:
Solar System Address:
Loan Number:
Installer Statement
The Installer hereby certifies, with respect to that certain solar photovoltaic system
installed at the address set forth above (“Solar System”), the following:
1. PV Watts System Information
The PV system information entered into the PVWatts v5 calculator (accessible at
http://pvwatts.nrel.gov/), including but not limited to DC System Size, Module Type, Array Type, System
Losses, Tilt, and Azimuth, is accurate and represents what was sold to the customer and which may or
may not have been disclosed in an executed sales contract.
2. PV Watts Estimated Production
Year 1 estimated energy production is as follows:
Sales Contract (kWh): _____________
PV Watts (kWh): _____________
Tolerance %
: _____________
*Tolerance = (Sales Contract kWh - PV Watts kWh) /PV Watts kWh
For example, if the Sales Contract kWh = 1,100 kWh and the PV Watts kWh = 1,000 kWh, the Tolerance = (1,100 - 1,000) / 1000 = +10%.
If the year 1 estimated energy production in kWh that was quoted to the customer, as evidenced in an
executed sales contract, falls within 10% of the estimated year (1 energy production projected by the PV
Watts calculator), then no further explanation is required. If the tolerance exceeds +/- 10%, please provide
an explanation below and submit the system production model and associated assumptions:
3. Supporting Documentation. The following documents are attached hereto in support of this
Installer Certification:
PV Watts Calculator Results
Executed Sales Contract
System Production Calculations (if deviation exceeds +/- 10%)
Read the above statements before signing.
Installer Business Name: ___________________________________________________________
Installer Signature: ________________________________________________________________
Date: ________________________________