To be completed and signed upon completion of installation
Installation Address:
Solar System Size (kW):
Loan Amount ($):
Loan Number:
Installer Statement
The Installer hereby certifies, with respect to that certain solar photovoltaic system installed at the
address set forth above (“Solar System”), the following:
1. Installation Criteria
i. Compliance with Sales Contract. Installer warrants that the work and the equipment
furnished in this installation job comply with the requirements as outlined in the
Installer’s Sales Contract.
ii. Commissioning and Testing. The Solar System, including all components thereof, has been
commissioned and tested by Installer.
iii. Condition. The Solar System is in good working order and condition;
iv. Compliance with Laws. The Solar System complies with all Applicable Laws; and
v. No Defects. No material defects or deficiencies were identified as a result of the
tests described in subsection (ii).
2. Warranty
Installer warrants that the work and the equipment furnished in this installation job comply with
the requirements as outlined in the Installer Participation Agreement with the State of Hawaii and
WECC Energy Finance Solutions, and the other named Parties to the Agreement. In the event that
any defect in workmanship is discovered within ten (10) years, or defect in equipment is
discovered within twenty (20) year after payment authorization, the Installer will remedy, repair,
correct, or cause to be remedied, repaired, corrected, or replaced at Installer’s expense such
defect in equipment or workmanship. The foregoing warranty survives any inspection the State of
Hawaii or its agents may elect to make.
3. Lien Waiver
Dealer/Contractor hereby waives and agrees to release any and all lien or claim of, or right, to
lien, under laws relating to mechanics liens with respect to and on the property referenced
above within 5 business days from the date of signing this Certificate of Completion.
4. Supporting Documentation. The following documents are attached hereto in support of this
Completion Certificate:
Proof of closed building permit
Executed NEM or DER agreement
Final contract copy matching approved installation/loan documents
Solar system inventory, including Solar equipment identification numbers
Any other documentations included as a pre-funding condition listed on the approval letter
Read the above statements before signing.
Date Installer Business Name Installer Signature
Customer Statement
The undersigned hereby certify personal ownership of the home specified above, that all materials
and equipment included in the construction contract (work order, job order, bid summary,
proposal, invoice, etc.) have been furnished and installed, and that the work has been completed
and I am satisfied with work. In addition, we have not obtained the benefit of and will not receive any
cash payment, rebate, cash bonus, sales commission, or anything from the contractor as inducement
to enter into the Loan Agreement. We also agree to the terms specified in the
Loan Agreement and authorize payment to the above
Read the above statements before signing.
Date Customer Signature
The entire photovoltaic system consists of the following:
No. of Panels Make Model Serial No
No. of Inverters Make Model Serial No