Guidelines for Honors colloquia
Course proposal information
Faculty members who wish to teach an Honors colloquium should consult the Honors director first, then fill out
and submit the Honors colloquium proposal form. The Honors committee reviews and makes decisions
concerning course proposals.
Role of the Teacher
Teachers of Honors colloquia are acknowledged to be well prepared in the subject matter of the course; they
"know their stuff." The real challenge in an Honors colloquium is to fan students’ passion for learning. In some
cases this may require upsetting students’ preconceptions of their own abilities in order to help them to a more
seasoned awareness of what it is to practice lifelong learning. Teachers’ creative capacity may be tested. It is
important to provide imaginative ways for Honors students to respond to the subject matter. There are likely as
many ways to achieve this as there are different teachers. Nonetheless, there are a few proven predictors of
success. Group discussion should be included. Expect students to come prepared to share ideas gained through
reading and other assignments. Also, hold them to a high standard. It is essential that the quality of Honors
education not be compromised by teaching at the level of those who are only casually prepared.
Work Load
The minimum standard for student performance should be higher in an Honors colloquium. Students can be
assigned a greater volume and diversity of material, and the teacher can reasonably require higher quality in
students' work. There is particular need for opportunities that allow students to develop writing and quantitative
skills. Honors students should write frequently, and their writing should be subjected to rigorous evaluation,
preferably of more than single drafts. Likewise, Honors students should have multiple opportunities to apply
quantitative skills with appreciable rigor.
Honors colloquium proposal form
Colloquium information Please attach a narrative course description to this form.
In the narrative for Honors colloquium description, you are invited to discuss the following aspects of the
Which topics will make up the content of the colloquiumin which order will you cover your topics?
Which types of activities (in and out of the classroom) will you use for the colloquium?
• Can you provide a week-by-week description of colloquium activities?
1. Title of the proposed colloquium (Honors colloquia are listed by WebAdvisor as IDS-398):
2. Academic semester for which the colloquium is proposed: !Fall !Spring Year 20_____
3. Proposed schedule (days and time): ________________________________________
4. Special resources (list any resources which may require special arrangements, e.g. equipment, a field trip, a
speaker, materials, or a special classroom)
5. Phone __________________________E-mail _________________________________
Signature(s) of faculty member(s) _____________________________________ Date_______________
_____________________________________ Date_______________
Signature(s) of department head(s) ____________________________________ Date_______________
____________________________________ Date_______________
Signature(s) of dean(s) ____________________________________ Date_______________
____________________________________ Date_______________
Decision of the Honors committee
! Accepted ! Accepted with revisions ! Accepted but delayed ! Declined
Signature of Honors director _________________________________________ Date_______________
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