If you do not have a City of Springfield license, complete this section and return with the applicable fee.
Event Information:
1) Name of Event in which
you are participating: _____________________________________________________________________________________
2) Location of Event: _________________________________________________________ Date of Event:________________
Applicant Information:
3) Name used to register for event:_____________________________________________________________________________
(List business name. If registered under personal name, please print name here.)
4) Own
er’s Name, if different from above: _______________________________________________________________________
Mailing Address: _______________________________________________________________________
Phone Number: ___________________________________________
5) Please check the box that applies to you:
(a) I will sell retail items at this and/or other events.*
(b) I will sell services, but no product, at this and/or other events.
(c) I will only display items/services while at this and/or other events. Payments/Orders will not be collected.
(d) I qualify for the following exemption/exclusion from Missouri’s sales tax laws: I only make isolated or
occasional sales of personal property, service, substance or thing with annual sales of $3,000 or less. See Missouri
Statute 144.010.0(2)
(e) I qualify for the following exemption/exclusion from Missouri’s sales tax laws: I, the seller, or my spouse is at
least 65 years of age, make handicraft items for sale, and the total gross proceeds from such sales does not constitute
a majority of my/our annual gross income. See Missouri Statute 144.030.2(25)
If you checked box 5a, indicating you will sell retail items, the State of Missouri requires you to collect and remit Missouri sales
tax. You must submit a copy of your Missouri sales tax license with this application.
Please provide your Missouri retail sales tax license number & attach copy if possible: ________________________________
License Fee:
7) I wish to apply for the following license: One month license; $5.00 fee
12 month license, grossing $0-5,000 annually; $10 fee
12 month license, grossing $5,001 - $10,000 annually; $20 fee
mit application and payment to: City of Springfield, License Division, PO Box 8368, Springfield, MO 65801-8368
If you
have a current City of Springfield license, please complete this section.
:___________________________________________ Address: _____________________________________________
Expiration of License:_______________________________ _____________________________________________
License Number: __________________________________ _____________________________________________
Group Sales Event - City License Requirement
Section 70-35 of the Springfield City Code states that it shall be unlawful for any person who is required by Chapter 70 to have a license
in order to engage in the licensed activity to solicit, accept consideration, or to offer the services or products to the public without first
securing a license. Section 70-43 stipulates that the group sales operator (promoter) shall not allow any merchant into the group sales
area for the purpose of offering services or products to the public until the merchant has a valid City of Springfield occupational license.
A License Inspector will verify information received with the promoter’s list of participants at least two (2) days before the show begins.
Those participants who have not obtained their licenses prior to setting up at the event will have to take care of the appropriate license
fee with the promoter before the event begins. If you have questions, please contact the License Division by calling (417) 864-1617.
Updated: 1/13/15
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