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South Carolina LIFE Scholarship Application
(Transfer Students Only)
Name SSN
Address Street or PO Box
City State Zip Code
Phone: Home Cell
E-mail Address
Name of South Carolina high school
High school graduation date GPA
Were you a SC resident at time of high school graduation? Yes No
Has your Official Final high school transcript been submitted to the GTC Admissions Office? Yes No
Prior College: List all previous attended colleges below (all official transcripts must be on file in Admissions).
College Name Dates attended
College Name Dates attended
College Name Dates attended
By signing below I understand that any student who obtains a LIFE Scholarship by providing false or
incomplete information may be subject to applicable civil or criminal penalties, including repayment of funds
and loss of future LIFE Scholarship eligibility. I affirm that I meet the requirements for the LIFE scholarship, I
have reported all previously attended institutions/colleges and I have provided official college transcript(s).
Student Signature Date
Please note: Final LIFE eligibility for Fall and/or Spring cannot be determined until all official transcripts have been
received in Admissions and the student has registered 12 or more non-remedial credit hours.
Return this form to: Greenville Technical College
Office of Financial Aid
Mail Stop 6033
PO Box 5616
Greenville SC 29606
Or visit our website for more information
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Greenville Technical College
South Carolina LIFE Scholarship
(Legislative Incentives for Future Excellence)
About the LIFE Scholarship:
Covers the cost of tuition
up to $2,500
per semester.
LIFE recipients are not eligible to receive South Carolina Lottery Tuition Assistance including the summer
Documents required to determine LIFE eligibility must be received no later than the last day of the Spring
semester of the award year.
Semesters of eligibility begin with initial college enrollment. Students are required to submit official college
transcripts for ALL colleges attended. At GTC, the LIFE Scholarship may be received 2 semesters for
Diploma or Certificate programs and 4 semesters for Associate Degree programs.
Certification/Awarding Process:
Once FINAL OFFICIAL proof of high school has been received by the GTC Office of
Admissions/Enrollment Services, students meeting the applicable below listed requirements
will be informed of their LIFE scholarship award via email notification to their GTC student
email account.
For general eligibility requirements, a student must:
Graduate from a South Carolina high school or complete a home school program as prescribed by law,
while a dependent of a parent or guardian who is a legal resident of South Carolina.
Be a legal South Carolina resident at the time of high school graduation and at the time of college
Be a U.S. citizen or a legal permanent resident. DACA students are not eligible.
The student must be in an eligible program of study and enroll full time in at least 12 semester credit hours
of college level, non-transitional studies/non-developmental level courses to receive the LIFE scholarship.
Students may enroll in both college level AND transitional level as long as there is enrollment in at least 12
credits of program-level courses. LIFE scholarship will
cover the tuition charges for transitional level
o Transitional level courses include: MAT 031, 032, 100, 101, 102, 105; COL 103, 107, 108; CHM 100;
ENG 032, 100; RDG 032, 100; RWR 032, RWR 100.
Certify he/she has never been convicted of any felonies and has not been convicted of any alcohol or other
drug-related misdemeanor convictions within the past academic year.
Verify he/she is not in default and does not owe a refund or repayment on any Federal or State financial
South Carolina residents who were South Carolina residents while in high school and did not have a
high school 3.0 GPA, or who completed a GED, can gain LIFE eligibility by meeting other requirements after
their first year of college. See Financial Aid for details.
Selection of recipients & Requirements for first-time entering freshman:
Entering freshmen will be selected based on their final high school transcript. To establish base eligibility,
the student’s official final high school transcript must be received by and processed by the GTC
Admissions/Enrollment Services Office.
The student must earn a cumulative 3.0 grade point average (GPA) based on the SC Uniform Grading Policy
(UGP) upon high school graduation. The GPA must be reported to two decimal places (minimum) and be
calculated after official completion of courses required for high school graduation. Early high school
graduates who enroll Spring semester must submit all necessary documents to the institution for approval.
Students who initially enroll Spring semester are required to earn 15 non-developmental credit hours with a
3.0 cumulative GPA by the end of the summer term and prior to the beginning of the following Fall
Requirements for second year eligibility:
Earn a minimum of 30 non-developmental credit hours with a 3.0 cumulative GPA based on grades earned
at ALL institutions attended.
Second year students who meet eligibility requirements will be selected based on academic records with a
minimum 3.0 LIFE cumulative GPA, completion of at least 30 degree credit hours by the end of their first
year of college (15 degree credit hours if enrollment began in January), enrollment in a minimum of 12
non-developmental credit hours, and the number of remaining semesters of availability. Transfer students
who meet all eligibility requirements but did not transfer all earned credit hours from previous college(s)
should complete the LIFE Scholarship Transfer form if you believe you are eligible, but have not received
notification from GTC.
Summer Eligibility:
If a student has met the requirements for renewal at the end of the Spring term the student would be
allowed to receive LIFE Scholarship for the Summer term if they are enrolled in 12 LIFE eligible credit hours.
If a student receives LIFE in the summer, they would then have just one remaining term (the very next Fall)
left of eligibility at GTC.
4 year eligibility:
If a student has met the above requirements, they will be informed via email notification to their GTC
student email.
Revised 7/8/2019. AHM,DW,AMB
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