September Newsletter
Greenbrier Primary
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Individually Unique ~ Together Complete
Important Information
We are very excited to start a new school year with you! Despite the
challenges we may encounter along the way, we have each other. We
will, as a family, conquer these challenges together and experience a
rewarding and successful year. With our first week of virtual school
complete, a huge shout-out to the entire GRP family for their
dedication. We have worked very hard to set up a consistent structure in
Schoology throughout the day. Our children were beyond amazing in
following directions and learning to navigate the new school day. Last,
but certainly not least, our parents, guardians, and caregivers were
extraordinarily patient and flexible in supporting their children's
virtual school day.
Upcoming Events
September 17
Link for Informational Video
for Families in Phase I Only-
Meeting uploaded in
September 21
Pre-School and Kindergarten
Option 1 students return to
September 24
3:00-5:00 Dashboard Card
Pick-Up: 1
& 2
Option 1 families that will be
picking up their students
Return to School Plan
Now with virtual instruction launched, we turn our focus to our
Return to School Plan for our GRP children enrolled in the On-Campus
Continuum Option. Beginning next week, September 21st, our
preschoolers in our Early Childhood Special Education program, our
kindergartners, and a small number of students with disabilities back
to campus. The following week, September 28
, we will transition our
first and second grade students back to campus.
Safety Mitigation Strategies
As we transition children back to campus, we need to remind our
every day.
September 28
First and second grade
Option 1 students return to
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families of our Health Mitigation Plan and ask for your help and support. Below are a few of the
strategies that are included in our plans to keep our little Panthers healthy and safe:
Completing a Daily Health Screening form for each child in ParentVue is required.
All staff and students must wear face masks when physical distancing cannot be maintained
including when riding the bus.
Increasing the space between students to a minimum of 3 feet apart.
Mobile hand sanitizing stations are available at main entrances and hallways.
Enhancing facility cleaning. High-touch surfaces and classroom restrooms will be cleaned
throughout the day.
Integrating a robust schedule for hand hygiene. Each class has a daily scheduled Mask
Break and Handwashing time.
Keeping children with his/her class for the entire school day to minimize mixing student
Limiting sharing of supplies to the greatest extent possible. This will require that each
student is responsible for providing all of his/her own school supplies.
Meal Distribution
Chesapeake Public Schools was notified that children will be able to eat for free through the end of
December. Families that may be eligible for meal benefits are asked to be go ahead and complete the
application for meal benefits to assist with other needs -
School Nutrition Services will continue distributing meals (breakfast and lunch) on Mondays and
Wednesdays at the Main Entrance from 3:30 - 5:30 for children who remain in virtual school -
regardless of option selected. Two meals will be distributed on Mondays and three meals on
Wednesdays. We highly encourage pre-ordering meals through account to ensure
we have meals ready for you at your desired location. If you have not preordered, the meals are on a
first come first serve basis.
School breakfast and lunch will be served daily, at no cost to children who have transitioned back to
campus through a traditional schedule.
Parent Drop Off /Pick Up
This year parent drop-off and pick-up will take place on the bus ramp. As a result of our request for
parents to provide transportation if at all possible, we are anticipating a
significantly higher volume of
cars for both morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up. To help reduce the impact on traffic, we are
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asking Pre-school and kindergarten students to drop off in the morning between 7:15 and 7:25 and
pick up from 2:04 and 2:15. First and second grade parents are requested to drop off between 7:25 -
7:35 and pick up from 2:15-2:30. (Families with multiple children will be dismissed at the same time).
Parent Drop Off
Staff members are on duty every morning on the bus ramp to see that students get into the building
quickly and safely. In order to keep everyone safe and to keep the traffic moving, please observe the
following procedures:
Pre-K and K drop off: 7:15-7:25
& 2
drop off: 7:25 - 7:35
1. Allow plenty of time.
2. Enter only through the bus ramp and follow the circle around to the stop sign.
3. Stay in single file to the right next to the sidewalk.
4. Have your children exit your car on the passenger side next to the sidewalk.
5. Do not pass a car that has stopped in front of you. Let the staff manage traffic flow.
6. If your child needs assistance getting out of the car, please wait in line and pull up in front of the
stop sign or to the very left of the car l
Parent Pick-Up
of 4
Lane 1
Lane 2
Pre-K and K pick-up: 2:04 - 2:15
(Dashboard cards will be distributed September 21
at Pick-Up)
& 2
pick-up: 2:15 - 2:35
(Dashboard cards will be distributed on Thursday, September 24 from 3:00 - 5:00.)
1. Parents begin lining up in their vehicles on the bus ramp at 1:50. Parents must remain in their vehicle
and have their Family ID dashboard card clearly displayed.
2. One or more staff members will be on the bus ramp and enter the Family’s ID’s for the incoming
3. Cars will be directed to line up in double lanes. For the safety of everyone, please drive slowly and
follow the directions of the staff. (There is white dividing lines and walk-ways painted on the bus
4. Once the first group of students are safely loaded, vehicles will be dismissed 10 at a time by staff.
The next ten cars will be directed to pull up until all students are safely dismissed.
We ask for everyone’s patience and understanding as we anticipate the process taking longer than
previously done to minimize the mixing of students.
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