Grays Harbor College Advising and Counseling Center
Pathways to Success Student Assessment
_______ G.
_______ H.
I realize when I lose my motivation.
If I lose my motivation for studying, I know how to get it back.
I am able to seek help from resources on campus or in my life if I lose my motivation.
I know what career I want and the steps I need to get there.
I am sure of why I am in college.
I realize when I get off target from my goals and dreams.
My physical health allows me to concentrate.
My family members are well and do not require my assistance.
I have enough energy to put in long days if necessary.
I have no difficulty waking up and arriving at my morning classes on time.
I often feel alive and happy.
I get enough sleep.
I eat regularly and nutritiously.
I exercise at least 3 times per week.
A. I am able to attend class and complete assignments despite my family obligations.
B. I can effectively deal with any stress in relationships caused by my attending college.
C. I do not use alcohol or drugs as a means of handling stress.
D. I would seek counseling if I were unable to handle periods of stress or depression.
E. I would consult with my instructor should I fall behind in class.
F. I know I’m not a failure even if I dont earn the grade I wanted.
G. I would not consider quitting college if I’m having trouble keeping up in class.
H. I don’t allow personal problems to prevent me from doing as well as I’d like in my
A. The people closest to me are supportive of my attending college.
B. I have a positive relationship with the people in my household.
C. I have a network of people I can count on for help when needed.
D. When I’m angry, sad, or afraid, I know how to manage my emotions so I don’t say or do
anything I’ll regret.
E. I have the ability to make friends and create valuable relationships in a new place.
F. I have been able to effectively deal with the losses in my life.
A. I use self management tools such as calendars and to-do lists.
B. I prioritize my lists of things to do and spend more time doing the important things.
C. I study my most difficult subjects first or when I have the most energy.
D. I begin major course assignments well in advance of the due dates.
E. I break large projects into small assignments.
F. I plan shorter more frequent study times rather than last minute long cramming sessions.
G. I can always find time during the week to do something good for myself.
A. I study at least 5 hours per week for each five-credit course Im taking at GHC.
B. I have taken advantage of the learning center and tutoring services at GHC.
C. When I have a difficult course, I find a study group or study partner.
D. If I miss a class, I contact someone to find out what I missed.
E. When I read a paragraph, I can usually remember the important concepts.
F. I know how to take effective notes and highlight the important items in the textbook.
_______ G. I can take tests without having so much anxiety it affects my performance.
_______ H. My computer skills are sufficient for effectively completing my assignments.
_______ I. I know how to use the library to get the information I need for my assignments.
A. I am aware of the need to balance my hours of work and college schedule.
B. I always consider the impact on my financial aid before withdrawing from a class.
C. I have taken the time to research and complete grant, loan, and scholarship applications
to meet my college expenses.
D. I am able to meet all my financial obligations without excessive use of my credit cards.
E. I am able to prevent worry about money from affecting my performance in school.