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Activity sheet
Graphing checklist
Use this checklist while constructing your graph. The checklist will help you assess your graph and make
sure that it is complete. Place a tick in the box to mark off the completed items, and when you have checked
everything off, re-read your work to assess whet her it would make sense to someone unfamiliar with the
Have you shown all of your data on the graph?
Have you included symbols that appropriately represent the data?
Have you considered different types of graphs, and chosen the most relevant type of graph to
display your data?
Have you included a relevant title?
Have you spell-checked and grammar-checked your work?
Have you used colours that are easy to read?
Have you written clear labels to explain what is being graphed?
Do the labels clearly indicate the unit of measurement you have used?
Have you written an introduction to explain what the graph is for and what it means?
(For bar gr aphs and line graphs) Have you made sure that you have chosen the correct scale for
your axes, and that is suitable to represent your data?
(For bar graphs and line graphs) Are your intervals appropriate for the data?
If you have depicted two or more data series, have you included a legend or key?
If you are showing someone else’s data, have you included the source or reference?
Have you included your name and page numbers on every page?
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