Revised 06/2009
Graphic Services Document Management Center
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Satisfaction Survey Form
The Office of Graphic Services/Document Management Center recently completed a project for
you. To help us in our work and to improve our services, we ask you to take a few minutes to
evaluate our performance.
1. Has your experience with Graphic Services/Document Management Center been a
pleasant one? ____ Yes ____ No
2. Would you recommend the services of this office to other departments?
____ Yes ____ No
3. Would you consider our staff knowledgeable, willing to help and offer suggestions?
____ Yes ____ No
4. Are we completing and delivering work/job orders when you request them?
____ Yes ____ No
5. Do we return phone calls in a timely manner? ____ Yes ____ No
6. Does the quality of our work meet your expectations? ____ Yes ____ No
7. Do we update you on the progress of your job request? ____ Yes ____ No
Thank you!
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