College of Healthcare Sciences
Grant and Research Submissions or Consultancy Work Requests
Title of External Grant, Research or Consultancy:
Funding Body: ____________________________________________________________________
JCU Principal Investigator or Consultant: _______________________________________________
Application Due Date: _____________________
PI or Consultant Signature:
Pre Submission
Endorsed checklist attached for Dean (<$250k) or
DVC (>$250k) approval prior to submission.
Copy of grant, research or consultancy
requirements emailed to CHS College
Manager and CHS Clinical Services.
Pricing tool completed in conjunction with
Team Leader Administration
For Research and Grant Submissions,
Research Application Form and/or Grant
application sent to JCU Connect for approval.
Research Contracts:
Grant Submissions:
Endorsed by College Manager
Endorsed by Academic Head
Post Award
If you have been awarded the grant or
consultancy, to notify relevant parties and ensure
appropriate administration set up.
Academic Head notified
College Manager notified
Ethics submission completed and approved
CHS Clinical Services to complete:
DTHM Grants notified
Resourcing (Space, IT, Equipment etc)
Casual or Fixed Term contracts (as per
approved budget)
COGNOS account:________________
Contract number: _________________
Version 2a_September 2019 Other JCU policy and procedures apply.
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