Revised August 2013
Grant Request Form
Please complete this form and forward to Development Officer, Carrie Rinehart
The committee’s role is to provide oversight and coordination of the grants process. The committee acts as
an interface between staff and potential funding sources in order to communicate grant opportunities and
prioritize grant requests, provide recommendations to the President, monitor and assist with submitting
grant proposals, secure all necessary college assurances, provide pre- and post-award guidance and ensure
synchronization among all college funding initiatives.
Please respond to all of the questions that apply.
Learning and Grow
th Perspective:
Describe the project and outline the strategic impact it will have to the college.
What are you trying to accomplish with this project?
What benefits or results do you want?
What key results does the project support and how?
Key Results:
Sustain positive employee engagment
Practice sustainability
Cultivate and improve student success and completion
Actively engage with and be a valuable resource for the community
Vigorously promote an awareness of the comprehensive nature of Edison's support of the community
Is the project an expansion of an existing program or is it new?
Financial Perspective:
How much money will you be requesting in the grant?
How much money will you be requesting from the college?
Has the college already allocated any funds toward the project?
If so, how much?
Revised August 2013
What agencies or foundations do you think might fund this project?
Will the college need to continue the initiative once the grant funding is exhausted? If so, how?
Internal Perspective:
What resources will be required (i.e., human, travel, release time, equipment, technology, space,
training) and how will this impact the college?
How will this grant affect our need for human resource base?
Stakeholder Perspective:
Who are the stakeholders for this project (students, alumni, staff, faculty, etc.) and how will each benefit
from this project?
If the project is part of a partnership, briefly describe the other partners and describe mutual expectations.
Will you need assistance in writing this grant?
What is the name of the supervisor who has given approval?
When would you like to start the project?
Who will lead the project?