Rev. 01/20
City of Harker Heights
Code Enforcement Department
305 Millers Crossing
Harker Heights, TX 76548
Phone: (254) 953-5648
Graffiti Removal Consent Form
Pursuant to the Harker Heights Code of Ordinances Section 131.23 - Abatement by City
(A) Offer Authorized. Whenever graffiti is found to exist, the city may offer to remove the graffiti from the owner's
property free of charge.
(B) Owner's Election. An offer under this section will be made to the owner in the manner specified in this
subchapter for giving notices. The owner may accept the offer only by filing unconditional written acceptance
with the Official on the form prescribed by the Official within three business days from the date of the offer.
Failure of the owner to accept the offer shall constitute an irrevocable refusal of the offer.
(C) Effect of Owner's Election. If the owner accepts the offer, the city may enter upon the property as allow by law
and do or cause to be done any work necessary to bring the property into compliance with this subchapter. If
the owner does not accept the offer, the owner shall be given the notice prescribed by §131.24 (A). (Ord.
2011-17, passed 7-12-11).
I authorize the City of Harker Heights to access my property in attempt to remove unlawful
graffiti from my property without charge using available methods and equipment.
Check below to Accept or Decline free graffiti removal services offered by the City of Harker Heights.
I do not authorize the City of Harker Heights to remove graffiti from my property.
If you checked above and currently have unwanted graffiti on your property and would
like it removed, please specify the location of the graffiti:
Note: If this box is check, you must have graffiti removed from the property identified below
within 72 hours following notification.
I am the owner or responsible party of the property located at:
Printed Name:
Phone: E-mail Address:
Signature: Date:
NOTE: When authorizing graffiti removal, the owner or responsible party understands that the City of Harker Heights does
not guarantee the structural or aesthetic soundness of the areas from which graffiti will be removed and that even in
extreme care, damage or injury to real or personal property may result from this activity. I hereby agree to indemnify and
hold harmless the City of Harker Heights, their officers, agents, employees, and servants, from and against any and all
claims, liability, expense, including defense costs and legal fees, and claims for damage of any nature whatsoever, including
but not limited to bodily injury, death, personal injury, or property damage arising from the City of Harker Heights graffiti
removal activity.
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