Graduation Exemption Request Form
I have verified my name, address, email, and phone number via my Student Information System.
I understand correspondence relating to my graduation exemption request will be sent to the email and
mailing addresses on file on my Student Information System.
Student name:
A Graduation Exemption Request is intended for students who wish to graduate and require an exemption from the
standing requirements of a program. The only allowable student exemptions are for curricular and program time limit
exemptions as determined by the Terms of Reference for the Graduation Advisory Commiee, a Standing Commiee
of Education Council.
Student exemption requests that are supported by their program area will be presented at a Graduation
Advisory Commiee, and if a recommendation for approval is made, the request would go to their Academic Dean.
If the Academic Dean makes a recommendation for approval the request would go to the Registrar, who would
make the final decision. This process can take up to three months. The deadline to submit a graduation exemption
request required for graduation is February 1. Requests submied aer this date may not be adjudicated in time for
Convocation in June.
For more information please visit the Graduation Exemption Request webpage.
Langara ID:
I am requesting an exemption/substitution for the following credential:
Further details of your request are to be provided on the reverse side of this form.
Program Name:
Bachelor Degree
Course I wish to be exempted from:
For substitutions only: Course I wish to use in lieu: __________________________________________________ from
Associate of Arts Degree Associate of Science Degree Diploma
Post-Degree Diploma
Post-Degree Certificate
Student signature:
Select one of the following options and provide the required details of your request:
Exemption from the prescribed timeline for program completion
Course Exemption
Course Substitution
I have completed the course I am requesting permission to use in lieu of the required course.
I am currently registered in the course I am requesting to use in lieu of the required course.
I intend to register at a future time for the course I am requesting to use in lieu of the required course.
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Results are sent via email within three months of receiving your request.
Graduation exemption requests must be submied with the following additional documentation:
I have aached a formal leer including the following information:
I have aached all relevant documents, including:
Langara College 604.323.5590
Registrar & Enrolment Services
100 West 49
Vancouver, BC V5Y 2Z6
Specific course(s)/requirement(s) I am requesting exemptions/substitutions from;
The reason for my request;
How I believe I have met the requirements; and
An explanation of the circumstances why I am unable to meet the requirements of the programs
prescribed curriculum.
Course outlines from transferring institutions where applicable; and
Official transcripts from transferring institutions where applicable.
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