Revised 10/2018
Graduation Application
Office of the Registrar / 200 West Kawili St. Hilo, HI 96720-4091 / Student Services Center, First Floor Rm 101 / Phone: (808) 932-7447 / Fax: (808) 932-7448 / E-mail:
Read the accompanying Graduation Application Instructions before submitting this application.
Submit completed form with non-refundable processing fee to the UH Hilo Cashier’s Office. Fee includes one diploma in both English &
Hawaiian (only one diploma cover provided).
A separate processing fee is required for each degree/certificate being completed. Double majors appear on one diploma and only one fee
payment is necessary. A written indication and a separate processing fee are required to print each major on its own diploma. Minors do
not appear on diplomas.
Complete the Request to Mail Diploma form to have your diploma mailed to you. Diplomas will otherwise be available for distribution via
pick-up in our office with a valid photo ID.
Graduation catalog(s) for General Education and Major/Minor/Certificate requirements will remain as appears in STAR. Complete the
Catalog Declaration Form to indicate a different catalog choice other than what’s in STAR.
SECTION I: Student Information
Name: _________________________________________________________________ Student ID: _____________________________
Last First MI
Email Address: Phone: _________________________________
Current Address (will be updated): Applying to graduate in:
_______________________________________________________________________ ________________ _______________
Term Year
Address after graduation: same as above Additional diploma ($15 fee each):
_______________________________________________________________________ English Hawaiian
Print legal name below exactly as it will appear on diploma (45 characters maximum, including spaces and ‘okina):
SECTION II: Degree(s) to be awarded:
BA in (list major): _________________________________________________________ Option: __________________________________
BS in (list major): _________________________________________________________ Option: __________________________________
BBA in (list major): ________________________________________________________ Option: __________________________________
Minor in (awarded only with baccalaureate degree): __________________ _______________________________________________
Certificate Program: ________________________________________________________________________________________________
Master’s Program: ____________________________________________________ Thesis or Non-thesis
Doctoral Program: _________________________________________________________________________________________________
I would like my name excluded from the Commencement Program: Initial for exclusion on Commencement Program __________
I have read the accompanying Graduation Application Instructions and understand the terms of this application
Student Signature Date
Amount Paid: __________
VISA / MC / CC Other / MO / Cash / Check #:________
Date Paid: ______________ Cashier: ______________
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