Application for Credential
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Revised 4/2020
Student ID: _____________________
Birthdate: ____________________
Phone: ___________________
Name: ___________________________________________________________________________________
(All credentials awarded will reflect the current name in our system, so please ensure it is correct in your student self-service.)
Credential(s) you are applying for:
Associate in Science (AS)
Associate in Arts (AA)
*Associate in Fine Arts (AFA)
*Associate in Applied Science (AAS): ______________________________________________________________
*Diploma(s): _________________________________________________________________________________
*Certificate(s): ________________________________________________________________________________
Semester in which you are applying for the credential(s) you have listed above:
Summer (August)………. Application Deadline: June 15
Fall (December) ………… Application Deadline: Sep. 1
Spring (May)……………… Application Deadline: Feb. 1
Review the following credential information:
Meet with your assigned academic advisor. The Registrar’s Office will check your requirements once the
application deadline has passed. If problems are discovered, you will be contacted via letter and/or e-mail.
Your credential, award date and honors notation (if applicable) will show on your transcript within four weeks after
the last day of finals. You may request a transcript online at:
Review/update your name, address, phone number and e-mail on student self-service before graduation.
All financial obligations to the College must be resolved prior to picking up your credential.
For more information regarding graduation requirements visit:
Date: _________________________
I certify that I have read/understand the credential and commencement information.
Date: _________________________
I verify that the student is following the attached, appropriate curriculum and meets the requirements for graduation.
* Advisor signature and a curriculum guide is required for each credential
(excluding AS/AA) applied for, applications will be returned to the
student for missing documentation. If you are unsure of the credential
you are applying for you, will need to contact your assigned advisor.
If your credential application is submitted after the specified
deadline, you will not receive commencement information and
your name will not be printed in the Commencement Program.