Graduate Student Progress Report
lease take a few moments to evaluate your student’s progress and complete the following worksheet
once per semester. The report is due on October 15th (in Fall semesters) or February 15th (in Spring
semesters). You may wish to review your advisee's transcript and CV or other professional
documentation before preparing your evaluation. Your advisee has the right to attach a rebuttal if he or
she disagrees with this evaluation of his or her progress.
Student name:
Detailed Evaluation
The student is currently (please check all that apply):
o Maintaining continuous enrollment (at least 1 class per semester)
o Attending regular advising meetings
o Please indicate approximate frequency:
o Completing his or her coursework with passing grades (i.e., B or better in all classes)
o Making progress on his or her thesis
o Excellent progress
o Steady progress
o No progress: appropriate (e.g., thesis work has not yet begun)
Please indicate when progress is expected to begin:
o No progress: inappropriate (e.g., there is reason for concern)
havioral Contract Needed: B- in a required course, GPA dropped below 3.0, inappropriate progress in
courses or thesis
o Required - Advisors: please consult with the Graduate Committee and Graduate Coordinator to
develop a plan, and attach it to this evaluation form.
o Not Required
General Evaluation
Please select one of the following:
o Student is in good standing and making adequate progress toward degree
o Student is failing to progress but a remediation plan has been established
o Student is failing to progress and no remediation plan has been established
Advisor’s Signature Date Student’s Signature Date
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