Graduate School
Graduate courses more than seven years old at the time of your graduation are considered obsolete and may not
be counted to fulfill course requirements for an advanced degree program. However, up to nine (9) semester
hours of overage courses may be revalidated and counted towards an advanced degree on the recommendation
of your committee chair or advisor and with the consent of the dean of the Graduate School.
Revalidation of overage graduate courses can be approved only if you can demonstrate that your knowledge of
the subject matter of the course is current. For each course in which you wish revalidation, you must contact the
current instructor of the course to determine requirements to support your currency in the course material. The
prior approval of the dean of the Graduate School must be obtained for the proposed revalidation
Date: Degree:
Student: ID#
Advisor/Committee Chair:
Courses to be revalidated
Course prefix Course title Original date
and number and credits of completion Institution
Semester revalidation to be commenced
Instructor supervising the revalidation
Course prefix/number Instructor
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Plan for revalidation
Please attach a detailed plan of study including coursework, readings, and tests the student will
complete for each course being revalidated.
Required signatures
Student signature Date
Advisor/Committee Chair Date
Course/prefix number Instructor Date
Course/prefix number Instructor Date
Course/prefix number Instructor Date
Graduate school approval
Associate Vice President Date
INSTRUCTORS: Please notify the graduate school when revalidation is completed.
For Graduate School use only
Course prefix/number Date revalidation completed