Graduate Enrollment Services
SECTION A: To be completed by the student requesting a transfer
Family name First name
Student’s Name:
RIT University ID:
Term of Admission to
Fall Spring Summer Year
Please indicate if you will remain in the US or if you will travel internationally before coming to RIT.
Remain in the US (your I-20 can be picked up in ISS when you arrive at RIT)
Travel Internationally (Your I-20 will be mailed to you. Please type the mailing address clearly).
Street: City:
Postal Code:
STATEMENT: I intend to transfer to RIT and request that my SEVIS record be transferred to RIT. I grant permission for
the information below to be released to RIT International Student Services.
Students signature Date
SECTION B: To be completed by International Student Advisor
This student has been accepted for admission to RIT and in order to enroll needs to transfer his or her SEVIS record to RIT. We
require the following information to verify the students status and to determine his or her eligibility to transfer to RIT. Please
do not transfer this student to the RIT English Language Center campus. All students must now be transferred to the RIT main
campus BUF214F00033000.
To the best of my knowledge this student is mainlining F-1 status.
Students record is Activein SEVIS
Students last date of enrollment or OPT end date:
Please indicate any employment authorization or reduced course load authorization:
Curricular Practical Training (CPT) Dates of Authorization
Optional Practical Training (OPT) Dates of Authorization
Reduced Course Load – Reason and Dates of Authorization
Student’s SEVIS ID:
Name a
nd Title of DSO:
Transfer Release Date:
Phone: Email:
School Name:
Telephone Number:
Thank you!
Please scan and email ( or fax (585-475-7164) this form to RIT Graduate Enrollment Services.
SEVIS Transfer Release Form
(for F-1 students transferring to RIT)