Graduate Concentration Completion Form
1) Complete this form for each Concentration you will be completing (maximum 2).
2) This form must be received in the Graduate School before the beginning of your final semester.
3) You cannot use the same course for two (2) different Concentrations.
4) The Concentration must include at least 9 hours of graduate course work, selected from a Bradley
University approved list.
5) All courses used toward fulfilling the Concentration must be taken at Bradley University and have a
grade point of 3.0 or higher.
6) The Concentration will be posted to your Bradley University transcript pending completion of all
requirements required for graduation.
7) A Change of Major/Minor form must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office before the addition of a
Concentration is complete. The Dean of the Graduate School must sign the form.
Please print legibily.
Name:______________________________________________________________BU ID#:______________
Surname/Family/Last Given/First Middle
The following courses will be used toward fulfilling the concentration.
Course number Description Hours
Total Hours (minimum of 9 hours required)
Student Signature Date
duate Coordinator Signature
duate School Signature
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