Graduate Business Programs - GMAT Waiver Request Form
Individuals who have met specific requirements as outlined below may request a GMAT waiver as part of
the requirement for admissions. Waivers are never guaranteed and must be approved by the Admissions
Committee, whose decisions are final.
Minimum requirements for GMAT Waiver consideration (please check one):
MBA, Online MBA, and M.S. in Business-Finance Programs
¨ Advanced degree
¨ Professional certification
¨ GPA meets waiver requirements
¨ 5+ years significant leadership/analytical work experience
¨ Completed business fundamentals certificate with a B or better in each course
M.S. in Accounting and Business Advisory Services Program
¨ Advanced Degree
¨ Professional Certification
¨ GPA 3.25 and 5 years of progressive professional work experience
¨ GPA 3.25 in business from AACSB accredited school
¨ Completion of UB MSB accounting related graduate certificate with 3.25 GPA or higher
¨ Degree from UMBC in Financial Economics or completion of accounting certificate, with overall
GPA 3.25 with 3.0 GPA in accounting coursework
M.S. in Taxation Program
¨ Advanced degree
¨ GPA 3.0 and have active CPA license
¨ GPA 3.25 and 5 years or more of significant managerial experience
If you have selected waived from the GMAT requirement for your work experience, please describe your
professional duties in the space below. Be specific in terms of number of people you have supervised,
budget responsibilities, pertinent technical skills and managerial/leadership work activities. An interview
may be required.
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