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Graduate Assistantships Application
Graduate assistantships are available in various academic disciplines as support in carrying out the important functions of lab
assistant and research. As such, awards are restricted to those departments/college that can use qualified graduate assistance
rendered to the university in support of its teaching and research mission. The graduate assistant is expected to perform well
academically to retain the assistantship. The assistantship requires a commitment of 20-25 hours per week. Stipends vary from
5,400 to 10,800 for 9 months. Additional funding is available for the summer (2 months approximately 2,363).
To be eligible for an assistantship, students must first posses the skills required to perform the particular duties involved. While
the academic record is priority, outstanding interpersonal skills and facility in written and spoken English are also important.
International students are not usually eligible. Additional criteria include:
1. At least a 3.0 undergraduate GPA
2. Full-time status (9 semester hours)
3. Full graduate standing admission (i.e., all required credentials and test scores on file).
4. No full time employment
5. Priority is given to those without additional funding sources.
Most graduate assistantship assignments are made at the beginning of the fall semester. Assignments are made on a priority basis
according to specific departmental/college needs at the graduate levels and the demand for lab assistants at the undergraduate level
in University College.
Applications for a graduate assistantship should be submitted by the students to The Harold Lloyd Murphy Graduate School three
weeks before registration. Students selected will have one week after notification to accept the assistantship. Awards that are not
accepted will be reassigned to alternates.
Reappointment is not automatic for assistants who meet the minimum criteria. Rather, the final decision will be base on
departmental needs, financial resources, and the supervisor’s evaluation. The graduate assistant must maintain a 3.0 (B) average
and is expected to make steady progress toward the degree. Students must reapply on a yearly basis. Students dropping below 3.0
are ineligible. Ordinarily a student will hold only one assistantship at a time, and will not engage in full-time employment while
holding the Graduate Assistantship.
Types of Assistantship
Lab Assistant: Graduate students in this category assist regular faculty members who teach selected undergraduate classes with a
separate laboratory for basic skills or subject matter enhancement (e.g., designate University College core courses).
Research Assistant: Unlike lab assistants, who are involved in the instructional process, research assistants are assigned to assist
individual faculty members or department heads. These faculty members have specific projects (grants, professional publication,
or departmental/college needs with respect to assessment and evaluation) that require data collection and analysis.
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