Graduate Assistant (GA) Contract (Page 1 of 2)
Terms and Conditions
A graduate assistant position is effective until the graduate/professional degree is completed or for a maximum of three
semesters, with a summer term counting as a semester. The GA position provides recipients with $3,500 per Fall and Spring
term before taxes, and $2,500 for the Summer term. A $400 cash stipend is provided and the remaining funds, less applicable
taxes, will be posted to your Harding account. This award is deemed by the IRS to be taxable income and taxes are deducted
before the posting is made.
In accepting the position of Graduate Assistant (GA), I agree to the terms and conditions of this contract:
1. The wages I receive for fully acceptable performance of the duties of a graduate assistant shall be applied to my account at
Harding University after the beginning of each semester. If, for some reason, I do not fulfill my obligation for the entire
semester (300 hours each Fall and Spring, 214 hours Summer), I must notify the Provost Office and will owe the tuition for
the remaining time that I do not work.
2. I am to work for the supervisor to whom I am assigned and perform any duties he or she requires of me. I understand
supervisors are requested to notify the Provost Office if I do not fulfill my part of this agreement.
3. I am expected to make steady progress toward my degree while effectively performing assigned duties
4. I understand that to re
ve and maintain my GA position, I must:
1. Maintain a 3.0 GPA.
2. Maintain full-time graduate/professional standing by enrolling in and completing at least nine graduate/professional
hours per fall/spring term and six graduate/professional hours per summer term.
3. Complete weekly time sheets promptly and have them signed by my supervisor.
4. Dress professionally.
5. Be punctual.
6. Maintain confidentiality of information.
7. Maintain professional behavior by not engaging in personal activities while on the job.
8. Maintain regular communication with my supervisor.
9. Engage in conduct that is consistent with Christian values.
10. Attend appropriate orientation activities of my graduate/professional program.
11. Maintain standards of academic honesty and integrity.
By signing this contract, I accept responsibility for my performance of duties for the graduate assistant position. If I do not
fulfill these duties, I understand that I may forfeit my position as a graduate assistant and that the payments to me will be
prorated for the semester.
Agreement to Terms and Conditions
Graduate Assistant:
____________________________________ ___________________________________________ ______________
Print Name Signature
Mark one semester and note year to which this contract applies:
Fall 20___ Spr
ing 20___ Summer 20___
Supervisor Approval: Department: _______________________________________
____________________________________ _______________________________________ ___________
Print Name Signature Date
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Graduate Assistant (GA) Contract (Page 2 of 2)
Payroll Information
Print Name: ___________________________________________________________________
Social Security Number: ________________________ H Number: ______________________
Email address: _______________________________
This form is for work that will take place during the following term and year:
Semester: ____________ Year: ___________
Applicant shall initial each box:
I have completed the necessary FEDERAL PAYROLL FORMS in the Human Resources Office
(located in the Ezell Building, room 142). These must be completed prior to starting work.
IMPORTANT: Form I-9 and a W-2 are federal forms required by the IRS. (You will fill out a
Form I-9 only once while at Harding.)
I certify that I will work (1) 300 hours during the above stated Fall or Spring term for a total of
$3,500, or (2) 214 hours during the Summer term for a total of $2,500, to be allocated as stated in
my contract. If I am unable to fulfill this commitment, I understand that I will discuss the situation
with my supervisor and the GA payment applied to my account will be prorated so that I am only
paid for the hours during which I worked.
I authorize the payroll department to apply the balance of my paycheck, after withholding federal
and state taxes, to my Harding University business office account.
_______________________________________ ________________________________________
Graduate Assistant (Signature) Date
_______________________________________ ________________________________________
Supervisor (Signature) Date
Please submit this completed two-page form to:
Harding University Provost Office
Administration Building 102
Box 10773 or email
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