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As the applicant, I hereby agree and understand that it is my responsibility to oversee all contractors, vendors or parties
affiliated with the event and to insure compliance with all policies, rules and regulations, and guidelines of Goodlettsville
Parks, Recreation and Tourism and other relevant procedures and laws. I have received, read, and understand the
General Parks and Recreation Rules and Regulations and the Private outdoor Fee-Based Activities (POFA) Policies,
Procedures, Rules and Regulations. I understand that any violations may result in immediate cancellation of the
reservation and /or revocation of the permit. I understand that fees may be non-refundable and that the permit is non-
lations and Enforcement. Any substantive violation of these Policy, the Permit, applicable POFA Standards, or Park
Use Rules and Regulations may result in the Permit being suspended or revoked without refund of fees or charges.
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