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Good Sources of Nutrients
Nutrient Definition
Good Sources
Carbohydrates (carbs)
Carbs provide energy to body
tissues. They cannot be
stored long, so they need to
be eaten often. The two
types of carbohydrates our
body uses are starches and
sugars. Sugars are simple
carbohydrates and starches
are complex carbohydrates.
Fats are also an efficient fuel for
the body, especially for muscles.
When more fat is eaten than your
body needs for energy, it’s stored
as fat. Fats are not just for energy;
they have other uses, too. Fats
are good for you in moderation,
and active, young people need
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Good Sources of Nutrients - Sample Answers
Proteins are used to build and
repair body tissues. In fact, body
tissues are 75% protein! Proteins
are the raw materials for making
most of the molecules that tell
our cells what to do.
Vitamins are key players in the
chemical reactions that break
down, store, and retrieve food
and energy from our body tissues.
They influence how well our
bodies process just about
everything that happens in them.
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Good Sources of Nutrients - Sample Answers
Think of minerals in our diet as
tiny rocks and salts. Plants absorb
them into their cells from the soil
as they grow, and these minerals
nourish the plants in very specific