Go Gold Diversity Fellowship
With financial support from the Southern Miss Graduate School, this fellowship is competitively awarded to 2 graduate students
from diverse or underrepresented groups in their first year of training.
The Go Gold Diversity Fellowship has been developed to provide additional support for diverse, first year students interested in
pursuing research and/or practice which will impact diverse cultural groups. Two, $1000 fellowships will be awarded to a master’s
or doctoral student, admitted to the School of Psychology, who represents a diverse population (APA's definition of diversity
includes race, ethnicity, language, sexual orientation, gender, age, disability, class status, education & religious/ spriritual
orientation) and who articulates a clear plan for pursuit of research and/or practice which has the potential to impact culturally
diverse populations. Two fellowships are available. The Fellowship application deadline is 5/1 and funds will be dispersed the
following Fall semester.
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Clinical PhD
Please indicate which program you are joining: To qualify for this fellowship, you need to identify with one or more
diverse populations including race/ ethnicity, age, gender, language,
sexual orientation, religion/ spiritual, disability status or class status/
education. Your essay should, in part, discuss how your own diverse
identity contributes to your professional goals of serving diverse
populations (see essay instructions below).
Essay: This is arguably the most important part of your application (details below).
Write an essay not to exceed two single spaced typed pages, describing your qualifications as a culturally diverse individual and
how your research and/or practice interests and career goals in psychology will impact culturally diverse individuals. The major
goal of the fellowship is to increase culturally relevant contributions in the field and to increase the number of diverse researchers
and behavioral health service providers dedicated to minority communities. Describe how your training, interests, career goals, and
your own diverse identity will contribute to this goal.
This is your opportunity to introduce yourself and your area of interest and describe how you will contribute to the research and
behavioral health outcomes of culturally diverse populations. In your essay, you should discuss your current interests in
psychology/behavioral health, how your ethnic/cultural identity informs your interests and work, and your related experiences and
training to date. You do not have to be an expert in your area of interest, but you should certainly indicate the diverse groups you
identify and impart some sense of enthusiasm or commitment to that area, as well as an understanding of basic issues and needs of
the population you hope to benefit in your future career.
To apply, please submit this completed form, a CV, and the essay described above to Mrs. Cynthia Crosby, Administrative Specialist,
School of Psychology (cynthia.crosby@usm.edu) no later than May 1. Only first year graduate students in Psychology are eligible to
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Brain & Behavior PhD
Yes, I identify with one or more diverse groups.
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