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This guide will give you an understanding of your projected expenses and income and help you as you begin to
consider the expenses and funding for your project. You will use gogold to formulate your proposed Gold Award
project budget. Included as part of this guide are:
Form A: Girl Scout Gold Award In-Kind Donation Form
Form B: Girl Scout Gold Award Money-Earning Activity Form
Girl Scout Gold Award Grant Writing Guide
Girl Scout Gold Award Project Funding Agreement
Girl Scout Gold Award Receipt of Contributions Form
Use the table below to project your income sources.
Projected Income Sources (check all that apply)
Projected Amount
In Kind Donations – see Form A
Money-Earning Activity Form – see Form B
Grant – see Section A
Business/Organization Donation – see Section D
If you have checked the box for Grant or Business/Organization Donation, your first step is to reach out to the
Gold Award funding counselor Mary Malaythong at The funding counselor will
help evaluate the feasibility of your budget and assist you in creating a funding plan, preparing the paperwork,
and answering questions along the way. The funding counselor will assist you in developing a plan to achieve
your budget but is unable to provide approval for your project proposal. Only the Gold Award Committee can
approve the proposal you submit.
Remember, you must connect with the Gold Award Funding Counselor before taking any type of action to secure
project funding that includes writing grants or soliciting for corporate donations and your project must be approved
by the Gold Award Committee. To help clarify,
Money-earning activities require approval from the Gold Award committee.
Grants and business/organization requests for donations require approval from the Gold Award funding
Crowdsourcing such as Go Fund Me, Network for Good, and via Facebook are not permitted by GS-NCCP. Donations should
not exceed estimated expenses. A complete accounting with receipts is required at the completion of the project. Any unused
donations must be returned to GS-NCCP to be used to offset Gold Award program administrative costs.