Girl Scouts North Carolina Coastal Pines is committed to providing a safe and healthy space for all our
volunteers, girls, and employees, so we have developed the following guidelines for accessing any of our
service centers or properties. All members using our properties are responsible for following this plan.
Our goal is to limit the potential for transmission of COVID-19 in our spaces and in our interactions with
each other. Through a cooperative effort, we can establish and maintain the safety and health of
Please do not enter the building/space if you are experiencing any of the following:
o Fever
o Cough or shortness of breath
o Sore throat
o Chills
o Headache
o New loss of taste or smell
Make sure all participants have completed Self-Screening Process in advance.
Review and follow the most current updated COVID-19 In-Person Meeting Guidance.
Wear a face covering in accordance with GS-NCCPs current In-Person Meeting
Wait practice social distancing by maintaining at least 6 feet between you and others.
Eating/Drinking - Please do not eat or drink in the building. PLEASE NOTE: All kitchens
will be closed for usage.
Avoid sharing, supplies and equipment. When using community equipment, you must
clean and disinfect them before and after use.
Wash Please wash your hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer for at least
20 seconds at the beginning and end of your visit. Bathrooms will have soap and paper
towels and hand sanitizer will be placed in common entry areas.
Wipe down surfaces, supplies, light switches, doorknobs, etc. prior to leaving.
Limit your time in the building to the time of your reservation and only in the
space/room(s) that you have reserved.
Complete the COVID Notification Form if there are any reported cases of COVID-19
with any members or family members of anyone attending the meeting and please
follow guidance on form and within In-Person Meeting Guidance.
As the troop co-leader, I agree to the guidelines and will ensure that all members/parents attending
meetings understand and follow the guidelines.
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Signature: ______________________________________________ Date: ____________________
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