Girl Scout Gold Award
Project Proposal
Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas
This form is also available at Retain a copy for yourself and your advisor. Form
may be faxed to (972) 349-2498, mailed to Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas, Attn: Gold Award, 6001
Summerside Drive, Dallas, TX 75252 or e-mailed to
Submit this form at least eight to ten weeks before the intended start date of your Gold Award Project.
Submission deadline is the 15
of each month. If the 15
falls on a weekend, applications are due by 9:00
a.m. on the following Monday. Projects received after this deadline will be reviewed the following month.
Proposal must be completed electronically. No handwritten proposals will be accepted. Projects are
reviewed on the first Thursday of the month and committee feedback will be provided by e-mail within seven
(7) business days. Do not begin your project until you have received written Council approval.
January 2 of the applicants senior year of high school is the latest date to submit an application to qualify to apply for the
GSNETX Gold Award Scholarship.
April 1 of the applicants senior year of high school is the deadline to submit completed Gold Award projects if applying
for the Betty Richardson Girl Scout Gold Award Scholarship.
April 1 is the deadline to submit completed Gold Award projects to be included in the GSNETX Gold Award ceremony
that year.
May 15 of the applicants senior year of high school is the latest date a graduating senior may submit a Girl Scout Gold
Award project proposal.
September 30 after the applicants senior year is the final deadline to submit completed Gold Award projects
The following checklist is provided to help you through the Girl Scout Gold Award application process. Please include
all applicable items/attachments with your project proposal.
ATTACHMENT: If working with an organization, I have attached a signed letter of support from the organization
on the organization’s letterhead, or I am confident I can obtain one.
ATTACHMENT: If using another organizations facilities, I have attached a signed letter of approval from the
organization on the organizations letterhead. (Can be combined with letter of support if from the same
ATTACHMENT: If using troop funds, I have attached a troop funds letter signed by each member of my troop.
ATTACHMENT: I have attached Gold Award - Proposed Detailed Project Plan Timeline estimating hours for my
project. (Form is available at
I have fully completed every required section of this proposal.
I have collected signatures as appropriate from my Troop Advisor and Project Advisor.
I have reviewed the Safety Activity Checkpoints and Volunteer Essentials with my Troop Advisor and/or Project
Advisor and agree to follow those standards. (Forms are available at and
I have read and agree to abide by the Financial Guidelines and am submitting my Gold Award
Project Budget Proposal (Form is available at
If doing an event, I have a designated adult (over 18 years old) to act as my First Aider.
Revised August 2017
Part I‐ Gold Award Project Proposal
Page 1 of
After you have chosen your issue, investigated it in detail, sought support from others and created a plan, you are ready to present your plan for
review and feedback. Use pages 2‐18 of the GirlsGuide to Girl Scouting for Seniors or Ambassadors to help prepare. You will present your plan to
the GSNETX Gold Award Committee using three forms: 1 Gold Award Project Proposal, 2 Gold Award Proposed Project Plan Timeline,
and 3 - Gold Award Project Budget Proposal. Your proposal will not be reviewed until we receive all forms.
Submitting your proposal and supporting documentation electronically and all at once online (preferred) ensures that your information will be
received and processed quickly; however, if you are unable to do so, you may complete the fillable form below and: a) upload and attach form
to email (send to, b)fax form to 972‐349‐2498, or c) hand carry or mail form via U.S. Postal Service to GSNETX at the
JoAnn Fogg Service Center, Attn: Gold Award, 6001 Summerside Drive, Dallas, TX 75252.
The submission deadline is the 15
of each month with projects reviewed by the Gold Award Committee the first Thursday of each month.
Personal Information
First Name Last Name
Street Address
City State Zip
Graduation Year:
Troop Number:
Service Unit Number:
Who are the adult volunteers with whom you have been working with on this project?
Troop Volunteer’s Name:
If you are not in a troop, please provide
another adult supporters name
Volunteer’s Email:
Phone Number:
First Name Last Name
Project Advisor’s Name:
Typically affiliated with the organization or a
Subject Matter Expert.
First Name Last Name
Phone Number:
Full Name:
Girl Email:
Parent Email:
Girl Phone:
Parent Phone:
Cell Phone? Yes
Current Grade:
Birth Date:
Revised Augusut 2017
Part I‐ Gold Award Project Proposal
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Fulfilling the requirements for the award starts with completing two Girl Scout Senior or Ambassador Journeys OR earning the Girl Scout Silver
Award and completing one Senior or Ambassador Journey. The Journeys give you the skills you need to plan and implement a Take Action project
and provide a foundation for the Girl Scout Leadership Experience and Girl Scout Gold Award Project.
Which Senior or Ambassador
Journey(s) did you earn?
Check all that apply
Bliss! Live It, Give It
Sow What?
Who can verify that the
Journey(s) was (were)
completed and what is their
phone number?
First Name Last Name
Phone Number
Did you complete your Girl
Scout Silver Award?
Yes Did you attend a GSNETX Gold Award Round Table?
No Yes No
If yes, what was the Did you aend a GSNETX Take Acon class or webinar
compleon date of your Girl given by Gerri Gordon from council?
Scout Silver Award? Yes No
Month and Year
In what Girl Scout Council did
you earn it?
Your Girl Scout Gold Award Project Team
Inviting others to join your team to support your efforts and help you take action will be critical to your project’s success. Remember: you are the
leader of your teamit is you who will plan your project, motivate your team, and learn from others in the process.
Please list the names of individuals and organizations that you plan to work with on your project. This is a preliminary list that may grow through
the course of your project. You MUST list three (3) team members on this form, but you may list as many as six (6). Focus on people who will
support you throughout the process, rather than on ones you will engage only in implementation or those you will educate.
Team Members
Mission: Sisterhood!
Yes No
Jus ce
Your Voice, Your World
Date Completed
Did you parcipate in the
most recent Cookie Program?
Revised August 2017
Part I‐ Gold Award Project Proposal
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Take Action Project
Please tell us about your project.
Project Title:
Proposed Start Date:
(Should be at least 6 weeks after submittal of proposal)
Proposed Completion Date:
A. Describe the issue your project will
address and who your target
audience is.
In this section, you should give an
overview of your project, including: the
issue (root cause) that you hope to
address, why it is important, how
you will
address it, and who (and how many) your
project will help. This is also the place to
discuss the connection between your
issue and the local/national/global
B. Discuss your reasons for selecting
this project.
Why is this meaningful and/or important
to you?
C. Outline strengths, talents & skills
you plan to put into action. What
skills do you hope to develop?
Make sure you address the leadership
skills you either have, or would like to
have by the end of the project. Using
action verbs” (e.g. plan, organize,
instruct, motivate, develop, design,
evaluate) will strengthen your proposal.
D. Describe the steps involved in
putting your plan into action,
including resources, facilities,
equipment and approvals needed.
List major steps in chronological order, along with key
resource requirements or approvals you may need. Be
sure to address any safety considerations from Volunteer
Essentials and/or Safety Activity Checkpoints that are
necessary in carrying out your project. You will provide
more detail on the Gold Award Proposed Project
Plan Timeline.
Revised August 2017
Part I‐ Gold Award Project Proposal
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E. Enter the names of people or
organizations you plan to inform
and involve.
As you implement your project, how can
you engage volunteers to help you? Who
will you engage? Who else might benefit
from learning about your project?
F. Estimate overall project expenses
and how you plan to meet these
Keep it high level. Your proposed budget
will be submitted as Form 3, Gold
Award Project Budget Proposal.
G. What methods or tools will you use
to evaluate the impact of your
How will you know when you have
achieved your project goal? Think about
ways to objectively MEASURE, e.g.
number of people served/items collected,
surveys to measure changes in attitudes
or beliefs, observations to determine if
there are notable changes in behavior,
H. How will your project be sustained
beyond your involvement?
Sustainability ensures that the project
will continue to have an impact after
your involvement ends. Will others pick
up where you left off? Address the
particulars of how your project will live
I. Describe how you plan to tell
others about your project, including
it's outcomes. Share what you have
learned in a global way. You may use
websites, blogs, presentations, posters,
videos, articles, etc.
Revised August 2017
Part I‐ Gold Award Project Proposal
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Supporting Documentation
As stated earlier, you must submit 1 - Gold Award Project Proposal, 2 - Gold Award Proposed Project Plan Timeline, and 3 - Gold Award Project
Budget Proposal for your Project Proposal to be considered by the Girl Scout Gold Award Committee. No decision on your project will be made until all
forms are received.
The committee also requests that you obtain a signed letter from your Project Advisor stating that the project has been reviewed and will be
Do you have a letter from your
Project Advisor?
Is there anything else you
would like to share with us
about you or your project?
This is your opportunity to
share anything you would like the
GS Gold Award Committee to know
 No, but I am confident I can obtain such a letter.
 Yes, but I am unable to send the form at this time. I will send it separately.
 Yes, a copy of the letter is being forwarded at the same time as this proposal.
You are almost there!
When you decide to earn the Girl Scout Gold Award, you are on your honor to uphold the Standards of Excellence outlined in the Girls’ Guide to Girl
Scouting. These standards set a high benchmark for everything you do and invite you to think deeply, explore opportunities, and challenge yourself.
Following the Standards of Excellence challenges you to develop yourself as a leader, achieve the Girl Scout Leadership outcomes, and make a mark
on your community that creates a lasting impact on the lives of others.
In submitting this form, you agree that you have read the Standards of Excellence and understand that you are on your honor to uphold those
standards on your Girl Scout Gold Award Project.
Sign or Type your Name in
the Box