Gifted Deposit Form
Application details
Application number
The security address being purchased
Gifter(s) details
Full name(s)
I/we conrm that I am/we are providing a gifted deposit to the following applicant(s)
My/our relationship to the applicant
The total amount of the gifted deposit is
Source of the gifted deposit
I/we conrm that:
this gifted deposit amount is not repayable;
I/we do not own the security address;
I/we do not have any claim, right or interest in the security address;
I/we do not live at the security address and do not intend to do so in the future.
Privacy Notice
For information on how we use your personal data and your legal rights in respect of that data please see the Privacy Notice on our website
Signature Date
Signature Date
This form should be completed for all applications that involve a gifted deposit of £50,000 or over. We will require evidence of the source of the gifted
funds and this form should be accompanied by certied copies of the gifter’s savings or bank statements showing that the funds are readily available in
the account.
Any gifted deposit must have originated within the EEA. If this is not the case please refer to Precise Mortgages before proceeding.
Please note: for applications involving gifted deposits under £50,000 we may require this form and supporting evidence at the underwriter’s discretion.
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